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I wanna say that most of the people refer fiverr dot com to drive traffic to their websites or affiliate link page. GUYS PLEASE SHARE YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE if you really had boosted up the traffic after ordering a traffic Gog. DOES THIS TRAFFIC REALLY WORK AND HOW MANY SALES HAVE YOU GOT AFTER PAYING FOR A TRAFFIC GIG ON FIVERR.


You shouldn’t purchase traffic in hopes of making CB sales. Only high quality targeted traffic from wealthy countries has the chance of converting into sales, and only if you get it in great amounts. But great amounts would be expensive, more than what you’d get from a sale most likely.

And gigs that give great amounts, like unlimited amounts are not high quality. Quality costs too much.

It’s far more profitable to get permanent amounts of traffic, preferably from search engines. But that would involve you having an active review blog for the affiliate products and doing tons of high quality SEO for it and other types of marketing. This also allows you to set up an autoresponder which often more than triples affiliate sales.

But many people bid for clicks instead, like with adwords or more expensive services.

Most “drive traffic” gigs are either bots or klickfarms from south / South-East Asia - not the targeted market for your products. Even though I had 1-2 pleasant experiences with social media marketing sellers, I would not recomend any gig which boosts with phantasmal amounts of followers, and if you do order, track your traffic stats during the gig, since some “proof” can be staged or simulated.

Reply to @adsensewizard: Thanks a lot for commenting here. You mean it is a long term procedure which involve creating your own well optimized websites and then driving organic traffic through google yahoo etc.

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