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I Requested a cancellation and the countdown hasn't stopped

Hi! A buyer sent me a file I can’t translate, because like I said in my gig description, I do not translate legal documents because I don’t have the skills/knowledge to accurately translate such content, but unfortunately I have noticed that people don’t really read any gig descriptions and don’t contact me first before ordering, which is the first thing I ask them to do in my description. This frustrates me because now I had to request a cancellation but the countdown hasn’t stopped. My question is: if the countdown goes all the way to the end before the buyer accepts my request, does that count as if I had not delivered on time, or it waits for the buyer to answer my request?



Unfortunately, if the buyer doesn’t respond before the timer counts down all the way, it will be counted as a late order, and your on-time delivery rate will be affected. :crying_cat_face:

In order to prevent this from recurring, you could try and let the buyer know (as soon as you possibly can) once the order has been placed. Even if that doesn’t help (AKA in case buyers do not get back to you before the order delivery time even after contacting them ASAP), you could increase the order delivery time mentioned in your gig in order to accommodate for such unforeseen circumstances.


Realy? This is so unfair!

Thank you.


I faced the same issue few days ago. The client didn’t come online for three days straight. And because of that , I encountered being late on delivery. Which is sad because the client didn’t even accept any of my proposals what so ever and now I am struggle to get the delivery time on track again.
But it’s better to atleast try finishing the order to avoid cancellations. Or to not try cancelling the order because fiverr takes cancellations very seriously. Affects your gig big time. As sellers we don’t get to decide if we want to accept or decline an order.

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You can try contacting the customer supports, explaining that buyer requested something that is out of your service.

1 of my buyer ordered something to be done in RapidSketch which I don’t provide. I contacted CS and they cancelled it for me. It didn’t affected my “Order Completion Rate” so it was good!


Yes, that’s something that really frustrates me. We should be able to decline orders, especially when we say we don’t provide certain services but people still order things out of our reach.

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I’m glad it didn’t affect your order completion rate. However that might be because you have enough orders for it not to matter, not because of what customer service did. I just wanted to point out that it might affect someone’s order completion rate, for ANY cancellation of any kind or reason.


Just to add to this conversation, my level 2 badge was dropped to level 1 and it was no fault of mine. My client paid for his work but he did not upload the requirements for me to do the work and I messaged resolution and my buyer. I did not cancel the order because this is a repeat client so I waited until he uploaded the requirements. Although I contacted Resolution they had the clock run out, they did not stop the clock and although they saw that I waited for the client, he uploaded the requirements and paid the additional cost for the job and then after he received his Transcript he gave me a 5 star rating, Fiverr dropped me to a level 1 and I have had several messages with customer service but I was basically told that it was my fault that I did not receive the requirements. I don’t understand. I asked customer for referr this matter to the Fiverr Team to look into this order but nothing has happened.

The timer does not stop just because you send an extension request. That’s not how Fiverr works. The timer keeps going until the work is delivered.

It sounds a bit like you aren’t telling us the whole story. Fiverr does not automatically drop a seller (outside of assessment day) unless you do something wrong. It’s a pretty serious thing if Fiverr manually demotes a seller.

Fiverr isn’t going to share the information that they discuss with anyone else in their support ticket. Perhaps the buyer stated something that tipped off Fiverr to something you had done wrong… and then they took action in response to whatever that may have been.

Fiverr does not manually demote sellers unless there’s a compelling reason to do so.

Jonbaas, I know that you believe that you have to defend Fiverr at all times, and on top of everything that I have said that is true, I can see that you are calling me a liar. If you know that I am lying, then you can let Fiverr let you see the total conversation, all the messages between resolution, customer service and myself; and my wonderful client who gave me a 5 star rating you are assuming that he tipped off Fiverr, please stop Jonbaas. I am on this platform since 2014 not yesterday and I am not here to fight with anyone. This forum is here for us to speak and that is all that I am doing. I did not mention that my level was dropped before the assessment day because it was dropped after I delivered my work and received my 5 star rating. There are problems with Fiverr’s automated system that needs to be addressed.

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Oh! I didn’t know that, I thought since CS cancelled the order for me I didn’t get affected. Thanks for the input.

Nowhere in what I said did I even remotely call you a “liar”. I merely stated that there must be something more to your story that you didn’t tell us, because Fiverr does not take the time to manually and intentionally demote a seller (outside of the monthly evaluations), unless there is a compelling and appropriate reason to do so.

I do not work for Fiverr, and I do not have access to your private communications with Customer Support.

And I responded to your comments, as I am allowed to do as well. This is a forum. What you share here is open to discussion. I merely offered some possible insight into your situation.

You very likely were NOT demoted by the automated system – especially since your demotion happened as the result of an order, and actual Fiverr people were involved. Not everything that happens is the fault of “Fiverr’s automated system”.

You appear to have done something against Fiverr’s rules or policies, and Fiverr chose to demote you as a warning. What you did, I don’t know, but if you were intentionally demoted, you likely did something worthy of that demotion.

Yes. The countdown won’t stop unless the buyer accepts your request. It’s a mutual decision and for good reason.

Exactly! We should get more options and get to decide if we want to accept or decline the offer.