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I requested fiverr to make me fiverr pro but they said wait

I requested fiverr to make me fiverr pro but they said wait because they told me that now we are not adding any more pro sellers in fiverr pro list … we have received your application and its stored in our record. when it become available we will tell you… i applied in June and i saw girl with pro seller badge and her account was made in july. Isn’t it feels like unfair…

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I’m so sorry you didn’t make it. Perhaps at some point they will decide to add more. They might have approved the other person you saw who got it in July a while back but just now posted it.

Also they are extremely careful in the people they make Pro. There might be many reasons for them deciding not to make people Pro sellers.


no she was with zero order and she joined fiverr in July 2019 and she was approved as pro … and i told to wait and when it become available we will inform you… Now i am confused that am i rejected or accepted… my average selling price is more than 100$…

Does this person who got Pro do youtube promotions like you?

no she was some thing else…

Yes see they may actually not make people Pro sellers who do youtube promotions but don’t want to say that. See if they have Pro sellers who do that. Sometimes they are careful when sellers do things that involve other websites.


If they are not comfortable with that just say it that i was not approved being pro seller…

Well they don’t want to make people mad at them. I see you are getting people thousands of youtube viewers. They probably don’t have Pro sellers who do that.

I am only guessing here and don’t know what the reason is. So don’t quote me on this, because I really don’t know.

Perhaps she was invited to create a Fiverr account as a Pro seller. They’ve been bringing talent from the outside as Pro sellers since that program started.


Yes good point. ^^^ …


May be she was invited but i was told that we have stored your application and when it become available we will tell you now i am confused that is my application rejected or accepted…

It sounds to me, and again I can only guess, that it was a careful polite way of rejection.

I am sure I have read in the past something about youtube problems.


hmm may be it sounds like rejection

There are only certain categories who have Pro sellers.


I have not applied for Pro. I haven’t thought much about it. I had to move to smaller orders when the new rating indicators started. I had to have 100-150 orders every 60 days to have a higher chance of keeping the performance indicators in check on Fiverr.

When the indicators were introduced, I moved from $150.00 orders to $25.00 order. I still make the same hourly, I just had to move to project sizes that allowed me to handle a high number of orders.

I don’t see how I can do that in the pro category right now.


That’s a shame and counterproductive also for you and for fiverr. I too have thought about lowering my prices for the same reason.

We need a certain minimum number of orders to not get bitten by those indicators.

I didn’t discount. I moved to $25.00 products. Still make about $60-$100 per hour. I just do projects for $25.00 that take 15 minutes instead of $100.00 project that take 1 hour. I did have to completely stop doing whiteboard videos. They were taking 90 minutes to make $150.00. I just didn’t want products that were taking that long and work against my goal of having a high number of projects.

The loss for Fiverr and I is that I take on about 30% less dollars of work because I need the buffer on delivery times. I can’t run so hard and tight that I jeopardize the ratings. Fiverr probably considers this better for both of us.

It is better for us to charge more for less. Price does help control demand.


Thank you. You adapt the work to make it feasible. You don’t charge less for the same labour, skill and value.

I have never thought of becoming a Pro seller. Do you think it is good to become a pro seller? I was just wondering if a regular seller offer the same service for reasonable price then why a buyer will choose to go with Pro seller?

First of all if you read the requirements of becoming pro seller the minimum price for your gigs should 100$ which is not the case with your gigs (they start at 5$ in your profile)

So you might think to apply or not to apply but you’d better read the minimum requirements first and also most sellers are getting rejected.
I worked with royal family with big brands like Dior, L’Oréal, featured in a few magazines and was on tv with my work and they still rejected my application. And I know other people on the forum with similar great experience like @lenasemenkova who was also rejected.
So do you have at least similar experience or actually even more to be approved to be a pro??
If not then why wasting your time?