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I requested for Review Modification what will happen?


i requested for Review Modification what will happen after completion of review modification time. the Order will Cancel please see screenshot. Thanks


Wait and ask you buyer to accept.


if he not accept it till the modification deadline then what will happen. The order will be cancel? @ahmedghumro


Yes For sure it will cancel…


and what about review? review will be present after cancellation?


I thought we’d covered all the possible scenarios in this thread:

Could you please remove the buyer’s name from the image in your post? Many thanks in advance!


buyer name is removed can you please answer my question ? The review will be present after the order is canceled through review modification method? @offlinehelpers


I can offer no further help than what’s already been suggested here I’m afraid:


OK i got it . thank you for your time .


Yes…Review wll be still there…


i have a suggestion for you… as you told us your buyer wll not modify… then why you are waitng to cancel your order and still having th negativ review…

if you and buyer are agreed then its good he wll modify it…

Lets waiit for the 4 days… as according to screen shot you have 5 days… so wait for the buyer if he came with in 4 days and modifieD then GREAT… other wise you can with draw your offer… to save from cancelation… )


I’m confused by what that says.

If you request a review modification from the buyer if he does not respond in 5 days the order is automatically cancelled?

Why would requesting the buyer change his review result in the order being cancelled? Isn’t this subject to abuse by buyers?


Thank You For you Suggestion . The best answer i received So Far. Thank You Again .


As its like a dispute…if he responded he can modify…otherwise auto cancel…like when we mutually cancel they have 2 days to respond other wise auto cancel… the same thing with delivery if the buyer mark it complete other wise in 3 days auto mark complete… So same formula


@misscrystal i am also confused in this scenario. :confused:


Plus another idea if you still want after with drawing you can offer again and then wait for 4 days and then withdraw… one day he will be there…hehhehehehhe


in this way fiverr can block you account . READ TOS


just for ur satisfaction…


I still don’t understand.

I don’t see why a request for a change of a review would cancel an order. That makes no sense.

So you lose your payment for the work you did PLUS you have the bad review just for requesting a change? lol


Lol…yup it seems like ths but its Strange…