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I said a Cuss word, what happens now?

I used the n-word with a GOOD friend of mine, we sometimes mess with each other and we were talking through Fiverr, I’m black so I just have a bad habit of using that word. I was set to become a Level One seller this Friday and was looking forward to it. At best I get a TOS violation, making it so I can’t become Level One, at worst my whole account gets banned.

Did any one complain? Did support reach out to you? If your friend was not offended, then there is no offense in my opinion.

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Exactly, he thinks the whole situation is hilarious. I haven’t gotten a warning for TOS yet, it just says that, “the message will be reviews within 24 hours”. So I’m stressing out, I’ve worked really hard to get my Level One seller, and for it to be taken away when I’m this close would be super annoying.

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Fiverr has watch words set up, the one you used is definitely one of them.

A member of staff will review your conversation and will act accordingly.

You shouldn’t use Fiverr as an IM to talk to your friends. That’s not what this platform is for.


I know, lesson learned, completely my fault. They’ll read our conversation? As in everything we’ve said? If so that’s VERY good for me because I sent a message saying hello TOS, blah blah blah, this is my friend, and he said LMAO. So if they read that everything should be fine… right?

Yes that’s how this works.

This can go either way.

It’s up to whoever reviews your conversation.

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Okay, thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it. Made me a little less stressed out. Let’s hope it’s someone chill. If not, it is what it is, I made a mistake, and I have to pay the price for it. We’ll see.

One more question though… if I get a TOS violation, do I still get all the money I made that is still in clearing? Or does Fiverr take it? I withdrew everything I’ve made already, but have ~300 dollars in clearing…

Please see:

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Hello everyone! Thank you for your help!

I’ve been cleared completely as I just said it to a friend, but, if it happens again I’ll probably be in a bit more trouble LESSON LEARNED, don’t cuss on Fiverr.

Have a good one everyone,
Thanks again,

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