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"I said no. Go away already!" (Mildly Annoying Buyers)


That’s what I wanted to say to the person who contacted me this morning. I of course responded in a more professional manner, but that’s what I would’ve said if I could.

First of all, it was one of those people who begins their initial message with “Hi dear,” which is a huge turnoff for me, but I humor him anyway. He wanted me to redo an 8 minute video with new footage and images. Okay, sure. I send him a custom offer for $25 ($10 for the video length, $15 to find new footage and images.)

He then repeats his request and says he’ll only pay $5. So I say (again, in a professional manner) “My price is $25. Since you only want to pay $5, perhaps we’re not a good match. Best of luck to you!” Normal people would be able to figure out at this point that I’m not gonna budge on my price and that they should find a seller who will. But he keeps going. He repeats his request again then says “You make it $15 per content plz”.

I continue to stand my ground and say “$25 is my price.” His response: “1st we should clear about it then price.” Somehow he got the impression that I’m not clear on his request (even though he explained it 3 times), when in fact it’s him that’s not clear on the fact that I’m not doing this project for less than $25. He finally went away after I had to flat out tell him “You will need to find another seller.” Gotta love when people don’t understand anything until you spell it out for them.

This has been an edition of ‘Mildly Annoying Buyers’. Thanks for reading!


Your problem would have started once he agreed to the $25 :joy:


You have much more patience than me. The minute they want to haggle, I tell them that don’t offer discounts, and tell them that there are many other sellers who will work in their budget. No matter what they say from then on, I will either quickly just decline or ignore. He has already shown you that he will be difficult to work with, and you only have to respond to the first message so I suggest walking away as quickly as possible.


I would have ignored this. You already said no to him in a nice way so if he continues in that way, it becomes harassment.


I do hate that too and i find it very unprofessional that someone call you dear-i mean we are not friends :slight_smile:


And you’re not their girlfriend, either. Or their grandson. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was reading through your post, and the moment I came across that part I went instant face-palm. Weird though, it happens so darn often I think I’ll get used to it by now and just accept it as a cultural difference etc, but till this day it still makes me cringe.


I’ve had two who wrote to me filled with hostility over what I do, making snarky comments in the past two weeks. I actually know who one is, a competitor using another account.


Yeah i’m not or AM I ? (muhaha):smiling_imp:


Belive it or not i had somene contacted me trying to bring me down also probably competitor using another account as well!


I hope you reported them as spam to CS and then blocked them. I know @misscrystal just turns them into frogs.


haha exactly!

hehe i like that one :smiley: I’m always reporting suspicious people I hope she did too


haha… wonders will never end


Sorry for sounding ignorant, but how do you report suspicious people? I have someone who keeps messaging through variations of a name and I’d like to report. Fiverr resolution center?



Report it to customer support Trust and Safety department.