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I screwed up. First time I'm here and I've already got bad rep

So…Over a month ago I decided to use fiverr for some extra bucks. It wasn’t a scam. I waited and waited for several weeks without seeing any customer so I forgot about it for a while. Then last night I checked and there was one gig offer that got cancelled for bad respone. Jesus Christ. I didn’t check Fiverr nor my e-mail daily, so I completely wasn’t aware of that. Now he gave me one star. What should I do? Am I pretty much screwed?

I don´t know.

Oh, perhaps just delete your gig and make a new one (the same like you have now). After all, you have only got one review and it is bad, eh? But I don´t know if you can do that or not (if that´s allowed by Fiverr or not), you must double check it first. And I don´t know if that would be a good idea or not. I have never tried it. Hopefully somebody can enlighten you and you will not do the same mistake again. Good luck!

Deleting a gig won’t remove the review from the system–it’s just that people won’t be able to see the actual review. Your profile will still be a lonely single star.

You could write a very nice and polite email to Customer Support to explain your predicament and appeal to the spirit of one more chance. It might work, so it’s worth a try. Your only other real option is to get a bunch of 5-star reviews to drown out that bad initial review. It’s not a great start, but don’t let it stop you trying to overcome it!

I see. Thanks for the explanation @emmaki.

@tikhung01 please ignore my suggestion, it was just a random guess anyway, hehehe. Cheers :slight_smile:

@emmaki is right - giving CS an explanation and plea for a fresh start is best. If you ask them nicely they might delete your current Fiverr account and give you permission to open a new one. Then just be sure you either attend your messages regularly or suspend your gig(s).

CS is pretty understanding about this kind of thing if you are clear and very polite, although they can say no if they feel it’s too risky. Don’t create a new account unless they say that you can or you’ll lose both accounts since multiples aren’t allowed.