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I see none of the pro gigs rated yet

Pro gigs are out now for 2-3 days, but I see none of the gigs rated yet. I guess the whole idea of pro gigs are failing miserably.
No one will ever buy a service for $1000 when it available in a cheap price.
What do you guys think?

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Out of 7 billion people, someone must choose pro gigs, ya know! It’s the word “PRO” :smile:

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I think PRO will be liked by everyone.

Really? After 2-3 days you consider this to be a failure?


You are right. This is not BS and I don´t mean it in a sarcastic way. Not that I am good at math nor I would be the buyer, but mathematically, it is very possible.


Yes, I have met some people who are willing to pay $400 for an app icon but want some dev to make the app for $50. It’s a vast place with so many ideas and thoughts.

So… If you don’t get sales for 2-3 days, does it mean that your Fiverr business is failing miserably?

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It should be the other way around. :joy:

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They will definitely buy it.
Economics 101: Price determines value.
If you earn billion you will never buy $50 jeans. You will always buy expensive product.
Same goes here.
$5 logo is the same as $100 logo. Both uses online generator for basic shape then improve it adding buyer description. :eyes:
In some cases $10 seller uses there artistic skills and create something new but just because of a low price buyer don’t buy it.

These are all my opinion. Feel free to share what you think about PRO

Billionaires are only 1% of the whole planet population. But yes, it is great if a seller can win a deal from one of them billionaires. :innocent:

@n4y33m Have you added the Japanese you learned from anime? :joy::joy::joy:

It is just my opinion. What if only a very few sellers land some jobs? Fiverr won’t run for it long and eventually shut it.

meh! learning from the web, but anime has the encouraging part of it. lol

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I can’t see a future for it. There will be people who would pay a high price, but they can do that without Fiverr anyway.

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good posts for PRO :slight_smile: i need more.

I think I saw one order in the queue for $300 PRO gig. Once they start lowering their prices they might get a few. Right now the disconnect is with the audience.

  • Buyers who can afford $1000 logo won’t come to Fiverr. They are more likely to hire a professional company for it. I mean Fiverr said that they handpicked these gigs, but it doesn’t say anywhere that they will take the responsibility if there will be any trademark disputes. If you invest $1K on a logo you want some kind of guarantee (ex. a legally binding contract with a design company).
  • Buyers who are already here won’t spend $1000 because they came for the low prices.

Soon PRO badge might be equal to the TRS. Afaik those are handpicked as well. Although with TRS I can at least see from their reviews why they are top rated sellers :slight_smile: