I see part of my messages, and it does not exist when i open it!


Hello, something strange happend last night, I saw that I had a message and when i clicked on it, it didnt show. I grabbed my laptop thinking it must be a bug, but the same thing happened again!

I was able to see part of the message when i viewed my inbox, but nothing when I clicked on it. I though the buyer must have deleted the message or something. But just now it happened again!

Could someone please tell me what is going on? -_-

Thank you!


This happens when they get reported, so those messages were deemed inappropriate (by Fiverr) for you or anyone else to view.

You should contact Customer Support and ask them why that happens.


I think there was something in your message that shouldn’t be shared with buyers.


I have the same issue at times. @Woofy31 suggestion may very well be the case.


Omg thank you so much! It has been driving me insane.


The buyer sent the message, I try to stay away from anything that might be against fiverr terms and conditions. :slight_smile:


You should contact customer support as well. Hope it helps :slight_smile: