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I see sellers requests in buyers requests section


I am new here. I am always confused when I check buyers request to send offers and surprisingly I see sellers requests instead. Is it allowed for sellers to also be advertising in like that? Is it something I should do too?


No, it is not. The Buyer Request section is where BUYERS post requests, and sellers respond to them with offers. Many desperate new sellers abuse this section. Ignor them. They will disappear eventually (if Fiverr doesn’t deal with them first).


Brother many stupid seller they actually don’t know how to use properly fiverr , buyer request section you just bid your jobs if you do this job


Please do not call other sellers “stupid”, just because they don’t know how to use Fiverr properly. Would you want people to call you “stupid”, just because you are new at something?


Actually I just say many new fiverr users don’t how to use fiverr properly that’s it :slight_smile::slight_smile:


No, you did not call them “new”, you called them “stupid”. That’s inappropriate. Please be respectful of other sellers, just as you would want users to be respectful of you. Here is what you said:


Yes brother i understood this my mistake