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I see very few employers in Buyer Requests 3-5 per day


Hi, I’m Graphic Designer and a new user of Fiverr.
I have created 3 GIGS on my account in the hope that I will see more employers in the Buyer Requests field.
I think that I have some sort of problem in this field because I see only 3-5 employers all the time. It’s not possible to have so little of the whole world :slight_smile:
I do not have and I do not see a way to sell my designs.

Please help us, how to see more employers in the Buyer Request so that I can apply for their requests.



The only way to have access to more buyer requests is by leveling up.

In order to level. up, you have to make some sales.


Probably it is the way, but it’s very difficult to get to Level 2 when you have no choice to apply…

Thanks for your reply


I’m no expert with graphic design but I think you have to make gigs that are under other categories. For example if you’re into audio you might do jingles and if you do jingles you might be able to play an instrument so you should be able to produce & compose. So selecting jingle category for one gig and producing and composing category for another would allow you to see the request for those. I’m not sure if there are many different categories under graphic design that you could make gigs for but if there are. That’s what you should do if your able to offer what is described.