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I seen a Fiverr Commercial and it got me thinking


Hello Everyone,

To my surprise I seen a Fiverr commercial the other day and started thinking on it. They are advertising and that helps. I have noticed many Sellers are having dry spell’s however, on Fiverr you can buy just about any service. Why not all of the marketers assist Fiverr in their campaign’s, every single Seller has something to offer to bring customers in. Personally I have two blogs, one of my blogs is in 70 countries I have already placed a Fiverr sign on there and promote through Twitter and Linked in. If every single Seller did this not just for their own gig however Fiverr in general I guarantee it will bring more buyers in. When they come it may be for someone else’s gig however I could promote Fiverr and bring customers and they may buy your gig. Teamwork will work better than only promoting your own gig rather than promoting Fiverr in general. How do I know this you ask, 2 Masters degrees and a lifetime of experience. I have only been on Fiverr for a few months and have had more orders than I thought I would. Let us continue thinking on HOW to bring more customers to FIVERR rather than why you are not getting orders. Simply put we need to get the word out. What I am attempting to accomplish here is lets all make suggestions and find solutions to bring in more customers to this platform. It is called “strategic planning”. Thanks for reading.

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Ive really loved your words.

Actually it is not really easy for somebody.

I do advertise my gig in the same way that i try to tell friends to try the services here in the site.

I m a seller but a buyer too, so there is something that we can always learn, other than make sales. Sales are just number, i can make money here, but i actually do them even out from here but whati LOVE of fiverr is the fact that we can FACE with different experiences, honestly ive learn over the 500% of what i was experiment out of here.

Fiverr is not only a little money-saving, Fiverr is an opportunity to open our eyes and comparate ourselves with others in worldwide!! That is.

Sometimes its just ordinary, but sometimes it is challenging and brings you to complete quest, that make all satisfactory!

I don’t really like to undervalutate the price of a job. But it is fiverr, im concious and ive accepted the rules =)

But what we learn, find, build is something more than money.

although, it is my own experience and my own point of view, the way i deal with, in here!

For this i think that before to think about competitors we should also think about being the best, but make a reality as fiverr is, something more.



Hello Ren,

That is correct as there are at least 10 other sites such as Fiverr. However, this is the best brand in my personal opinion. The very fact that they are advertising on television tells me they are attempting to be more than a simple platform like all the rest instead they are attempting to be a BRAND. That is something completely new to this type of business. For example, a writer here will do a gig for five or ten dollars where people who do not know Fiverr yet are paying hundreds or even thousands for the very same service. If they all new of Fiverr where do you think they will buy the five or ten dollar gig or the hundred dollar gig? Great points and thanks for your insight.

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Reply to @idothework: I perfectly understand, Sometimes the work is really professional looking, and someone doesnt really get it was something of a bunch of bucks. Everyone would have the lower price for the best work.

Even me, it is normal.

It is a choice of us too, when we have join Fiverr.

But in the same time, i think that someone is stuck to find low quality work, and sometimes just prefer to pay a little more, but for te right service or a best service (that sounds cleaner eh eh -)

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us



Oh, wow, no wonder fiverr is in the Alexa top 100 sites (for US visitors).

Otherwise yeah, the least people could do is advertise fiverr on social media instead of spending the same amount of time whining that they don’t get orders.

We all want the same thing after all :slight_smile:



Exactly! :slight_smile: