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I sell Bananas, Don't penalize me for NOT giving apples


Despite the tittle being funny this is really serious thing.
Yeah, why should we penalized from the cancellation rate if we cancel someone who asks for something you can’t do and they just didn’t read the description!?

Every month i be penalized for some cancellation i do cause they are un-inevitable cause they probably didn’t read the description, they thought they can try maybe you will do with that basic price, or they just chose you by mistake. in all this situations Fiverr will penalize for cancelling an order cause you know, MONEY is good. Yes we know cancelling is not a good thing cause everyone will loose, Fiverr and Us, but is this something to be penalized, isn’t the part that you will not get that money already a penality!?

Please let me know your comments, and maybe help find a way to tell fiverr remove the cancelling penalization or find a better way to encourage seller not making cancellations, as i don’t understand why should it be there at all. Some buyer also do it knowing that you don’t provide that in basic but they just asks for it, and you are in middle of giving this buyer more than ordered or cancelling and loosing 1000$ this moth!?

Although customer support tells it doesn’t affect that much my account i see when making cancellation sales might drop to -2000$ per month.

Yeah, don’t ask for apples as i don’t have any, but if you do i will give you for sure, or i loose 1000$ :wink:


Yes it’s bad. This is thread no. 328 about this.


+1 than, hope someone hear that :frowning:


Yes. This topic is done to death but it is a serious issue. I currently have an order in queue for a 1-page website. - Needless to say, I don’t offer web design services of any kind.

What really gets me is that aside from buyers being irresponsible, Fiverr itself facilitates the majority of my cancellations. If Fiverr made buyers fill out their order requirements prior to hitting the payment/place order button, I would be able to negotiate around 99% of my cancellations.

As it is, Fiverr works like an insane version of Amazon or eBay where buyers have their payment taken prior to providing shipping details. Also, having bought a few services in March, I found the order process quite complicated/unfamiliar. At one point, it even seemed like Fiverr was wanting me to pay with a credit card instead of letting me use my existing balance.

Sadly, all you can do is keep your fingers crossed that Fiverr will one day discover the merits of user testing and real client feedback.


Lately, I had so many problems with the buyers who didn’t contact me before ordering. It’s pretty important thing in video-editing business, as it’s not possible to give a quote and tell if I’m able to help without any conversation.

I mention about this requirement everywhere where it was possible - gig video, description, package description and even put a mandatory question after placing an order that ‘in case if you didn’t contact me before ordering, please remember to do that to avoid cancellation’. None of it helped.

In last 14 days, I got 8 orders which I needed to cancel because buyers ignore this part of the process. I start thinking that I might get demoted to Level 1 if the situation continues.

However, I managed to get one simple solution. I just boost my basic package from 5$ to 20$ (as almost 100% of all my canceled orders were 5$ gigs where they didn’t contact me + give unclear instructions + expect 100$ work). Guess what - I’m stress-free now. I’m pretty sure that every day when I woke up, I won’t have any ‘surprise’ because people who were the issue, won’t bother clicking on the gig which don’t start from 5$.

In @albanokofsha it obviously won’t work as you don’t have any 5$ package but it might help others.


you’re right, I agree that removing the 5$ makes it more stress free as people who click everything around without thinking will be avoided and i am bit better after increasing the basic pack. but there’s a lot other absurd inevitable reasons like, buyers on purpose (they have read the description but just want some extra for free or tend to do like they did not read that part) Fiverr itself, yeah that’s the truth Fiverr CS will cancel an order and penalize you for that. by mistake, yeah a lot buyers order 2 times because of the process of payment not going well and want to cancel one. the buyers who orders in a lot sellers and if they got what they need before you deliver in another seller. etc… and you can’t do nothing.


I also bought a few gigs in March. It was the first time I had bought something for a year or more. I also found the process a bit confusing, especially when the weird push for me to use a credit card instead of my balance came.

I like the idea of front loading the requirements before payment, but I bet it would increase the number of shopping cart abandons. I doubt Fiverr will ever do it.

I used to think raising prices would solve this problem. For me, it did help reduce this issue. But, I got one of these “buyer mistake” cancellations this month on a $200 order. The buyer thought they were getting web design services, which I don’t offer.


@albanokofsha I join this problem that we have and that it is not fair for us sellers. It has happened to me many times and that makes me crazy.

I think the best thing is that Fiverr has the option that the seller accepts or NOT the contract (or offer), as other platforms do.


Agreed! Damn apple buyers! :apple:

It has been months since those penalties have been important to not get, and still you do get penalties for not doing anything wrong, due to silly flaws Fiverr has. :thinking: