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I send buyer request everyday but no orders


I am sending buyer request everyday but no orders.what should I do to get orders.give me some tips how to increase my sales and orders.

thank you!

watch gig and give me guide line for getting orders


It’s “sales”, not “sells”.


You do not have any reviews yet.
People still do not trust you


then what should i do?


Promote your gig on social media lke facebook, twitter etc


Create a website to promote your site.
And drive traffic from your website to fiverr


Put a comma after a period and start a new sentence with a capital letter. This rules apply to every language.
No buyers in their right mind will order from somebody who isn’t able to apply the most basic rules of writing.
This is just how it is.


Give you tips? How? We haven’t seen what are you sending out :slight_smile:
Give us a sample first to analyze.

Although, poor grammar is probably one of the reasons.