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I sent $10 to the Wallet Address but it says I didn't pay for it

Alright, so yesterday I was ordering this:

I paid for it with Bitcoins, here is the proof:

(Image Removed)

It is the top one with the wallet address "FRAGGLESROCK"

After I sent the money displayed a page with a loading bar that said “Processing” and it also had a shipping box with I think it was green arrows coming out of it. I then waited for the Processing to finish but then it said “We will notify you when it is ready to be completed” or something, I can’t remember.

I’m concerned that I may have been ripped off. I’ve purchased from this site three other times, but this has never happened. There is absolutely no customer support on this site, no E-Mail address to send to the Fiverr Team, no phone number or anything. Just a page that says "Oh here you can message the seller about issues but not us"

I would very much like to be refunded the 0.02221789 Bitcoins I sent to that wallet address.

Thank you.

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Hi sorry to hear this. We are Users just like you and cannot help you. Please contact Fiverr Support.