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I sent 500+ buyer request but they didn't respose

I have total offered 500+ buyer request still now. But no one responded yet. But I sent about describing my gig/service details. What is my wrong and how to send the request to get buyer request?

Whenever you send a response to a buyer request ad, you are competing against dozens, perhaps even a hundred or more other sellers. If you’ve sent 500+ responses, and have gained no orders, then perhaps you aren’t doing a good job competing. Are you personally addressing each and every buyer request you respond to, or are you sending a cut-and-paste message? Can you prove your skills with examples of YOUR work on your gig, or are you expecting buyers to trust that you can do what you tell them you can do?

It sounds like you need to improve your competitive angle, and, unfortunately, none of us can do that for you. YOU are the freelancer offering your services. YOU need to learn how to compete, and then work to achieve you competitive marketing goals.

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I have good feedback and 5 star ratings with my previous work. Woyuld you tell me what should I write while offer a buyer to atrract them?

No, I am not going to tell you exactly what to write, because YOU need to do that on your own. Take the time to respond to any BRs that you have an interest in, address the needs of the buyer, and show them how you can help… instead of one of the many other sellers also competing for the job.

You need to learn how to attract work from buyers. We’re not going to do that for you.

Thanks. I will try to obey the rules.

I think i can help you a bit here. I’ve had similar experiences in the past and the problem is when you’re competing with all of these other sellers that’s also doing the same thing as you it’s hard to get an order or even a reply if you don’t sound like you can give them good value. Instead of describing about your services, experience and etc. Try to address their needs with something compelling and use there names if they mention it in the first paragraph. Make yourself sound like a friend who wants to help instead of a seller.

Wish you the best, Mic.


You suggestions are great.