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I sent a REVISION Request in Error and Want to Cancel It

I am first time buyer and I am frustrated. I sent a REVISION request to the Seller but can’t seem to find a way to cancel it and accept the gig. I do not want to open a dispute and explain myself because the site will dig this great seller. Help!


Hi, it can take some time getting used to all those buttons and stuff. It’s nice that you care. :slight_smile:
Just send your seller a message and tell them it was by accident and to please just send you the delivery again as the ‘revision’.

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Thank you. His delivery date was April 1st. Will the seller get ding now, Can I tell Fiverr, I am the buyer, it was my fault, dont hurt his rating…

No, Their rating is in your hand. Ask them to re-deliver the stuff and rate them accordingly.
Nice to see that you truly care for your sellers. :slight_smile:

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When you requested the revision, that should have stopped respectively reset the clock for the seller so that they have time to do and send a revision, or, in this case, to redeliver the original delivery, it shouldn’t hurt them, as asking for a revision is quite a normal and common thing, in some categories more than in others.
If you want to, you can contact Customer Support, there’s a link on the bottom of the pages, you can choose a drop down that lets you put in the order number, and tell them about the issue, then they can look right into it. Depending on their workload it can take up to 24 hours though for them to reply, so messaging your seller might be faster, once they sent a redelivery, it should be fine.

And once you accepted the redelivery and give them a nice rating, they’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

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