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I sent an offer. Client agrees. Now what?

Hello! A client approached me with specs. I sent an offer. She messaged back accepting but what do I do now? Do I ask her to send an order?

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if you know about the job you can otherwise provide the job who have experience.

If you sent proper “offer” through fiver system then when client accepts it they automatically placing an order.

P.S don’t do any work unless the order is placed.


Did you send the buyer a price in messaging, which she agreed to? In that case raise an offer and wait for them to accept it. Then do the work and deliver it.

If you actually raised the offer, which she accepted, then do the work and deliver.

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Thanks, everyone! I did send an offer but she did not accept because no orders were created. I’ll ask her to accept the custom offer. I did not want to ask her yet if that is not what the client actually sees on their end.

You are right. No order, no delivery.