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I sent bitcoins;the timer ended before confirm. Money = GONE

I am posting here because support did not respond to my ticket.
I tried to send bitcoins on two gigs this morning but it did not confirm within 15 minutes!
Now I wont ever get what I was about to order AND all of my bitcoins sitting in Fiverr’s wallet.
I was convinced it would be a quick simple harmless process but i was wrong.
I still have the expired pages open and all the transaction details, so I have proof of purchase.
Can someone please credit my account?
Thank you

Customer Support doesn’t reply on the the forum. They always answer tickets within a few days unless you open more than one ticket at a time which slows everything down. If you have one ticket open and were polite and clear, just be patient and they will answer.

If you have more than one ticket open, wait until the tickets are closed to avoid further confusion. Then you can open one ticket and start over with a single, polite explanation and they will try to help you. No one on the forum can do anything except advise you.

Okay! Thank you for the info. I will wait but is it normal for this to happen?