I seriously need help


Hi everyone,

I am facing a terrible experience here and I NEED HELP:sweat:
I gave a gig to a webdesigner in order to design ONE page, and I was very clear just ONE page

But the designer completely changed my website, deleted the original design … and it now looks horrible

I paid my 1st web designer and still in contact with him, he said all was deleted

So the Fiverr freelancer deleted all the previous work, she did not even notice me she would do that

what should I do??? I pay for a service but at the end I am losing ALL the work I have done before

terrible:( any advices?



Be more careful with who you grant access to your site… I suggest you open a ticket and contact Customer Support.


Fiverr Support Only Can Help you with refund and order cancellation, if you are facing trouble BUT if any seller deleted your all work via your cpanel or ftp then you can only discuss with seller, Its your own risk when you provide access to anyone.

Suggestion: Don’t share any full access to any untrusted person or unknown member. you can upload work your self its a safe.



Some website hosts take server backups periodically. I recommend reaching out to yours and seeing if they happen to have one


If you told the seller clearly that it was just one page, they didn´t do what they were told to, so of course you´d be well in your right to ask for a cancellation and refund - that won´t help you to get your site back into it´s original state of course unfortunately, and also I suppose if you asked for just one page not the whole site, the sum wasn´t high enough that it would buy you the work your 1st webdesigner would need to do to get it back into int´s former state.

Still, while the tip to be careful whom to trust of course is paramount and while it might be a thing between you and your seller, I would contact Customer Support with the issue and screenshots that prove you communicated it clearly, that it was just about that one page either way, it can hardly be in fiverr’s interest to let sellers ruin customers’ websites because they don´t follow clear instructions, and at least you might be able to ‘save others from the same fate’, if they take any action against the seller.

All this provided that the communication indeed was clear.

But try twistedweb’s recommendation in either case, hoping that will work out!


Don’t worry, you refund your old website design and file. have your delete file Recycle Bin folder. I will suggest you open a ticket and contact Customer Support. then your hosting company back your previews folder.


Some Web hosting companies periodically do backups. That will be a good place to start. if it happens that they did not leave any backup, you may try recovering it through Google cache. But it only works if your website is only based on plain HTML.