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I should go out more often


You know, as I stay at home all the time and have nobody to talk to, my windows to the world are our TV news channels and Twitter and a number of Indian, British and US news websites. So everyday I get stressed watching all of these people so angry, so bitter, resentful and hateful, and I wonder if the world is on the verge of falling apart.

So today I went out to the mall, had lunch in a family restaurant, and had some work done at an office. Imagine - everyone was happy, smiling, going about their tasks, not worried about what some world leader did or didn’t, not concerned about the economy, international relations, not worried about wars breaking out…and yeah, not worried about elections or politics…if you believe the media, that’s all people think about…they were just happy. Parents with kids, young couples, corporate types, retired people…

I think we should all go out more and watch less TV, less social media and less internet. There is nothing wrong with the world. Life is good.


And wifeless hrs also can be nice
Can’t hear about a new hand bag anymore - 2 hrs already talk, talk, talk


I like what he needed to say.


Okay, okay, before we get all mushy…

Anger in the media is only a representation of anger in persons. If in doubt, visit your social media again. Those same persons you see all smiley, happy, and carefree at the mall are the very same orchestrators of internet anger. Perhaps the internet and media exacerbate it? Regardless, the world anger level is fast on the rise and is beginning to burst beyond the confines of the internet.

But, yeah, go out more often. Catch some of nature’s beauty. Look at smiling faces of persons who have kept their sorrows aside, if only for a fleeting moment. But also be on the look out for that person seeking to dump all of his frustrations on you in a marvelously violent fit. Life is Good, after all.


Imagine the gate is the internet. This sums up how many people behave. I see more angry people on the internet than in person.


Try working outdoors. Costs me a fortune in coffee but it does wonders for my sense of individual positivity.

Also, Writer, it’s not like you haven’t been invited to come on holiday a thousand times already. Nor for that matter, encouraged to go on one yourself.

Embrace the real world. It’s inhabitants are definitely a bit of the wall but things like fresh air and sunshine are food for the soul and working online should always be seen as the perfect excuse fir a soul food buffet every once in a while.


I would like to see more people in my country pay attention to the news and I’m not talking about a propaganda channel. Too many people ignore what’s going on and that contributes to the problems we have now. Half the country has no idea what is happening or the disaster unfolding.


I will stay quiet, otherwise this will result in another of those rare @misscrystal versus @writer99025 fights. LOL.


I would consider it just a lively discussion but then it would be removed.


Yeah, it’s not fun anymore without Em and her popcorn :laughing:


You should NOT mention the one who shall NOT be named… sshhh :zipper_mouth:


You mean Em. M. M. Jackson and his popcorn. Yeah, those were the days.


Same everywhere. The thing is, most people have a feeling in their gut that something is wrong but as soon as they realize what that is, they look away again and anesthetize themselves with another must have impulse purchase or brain dead TV show.

The important thing to remember is that actually politics and financial mumbo jumbo doesn’t really matter. A very long time ago when I was crushingly poor and had absolutely no life choices, I used to get myself to sleep at night in a squat with no power and a broken window in my bedroom saying to myself mentally, ‘well, no one can take away the air I breathe.’

Life continues. Every shortcoming of the present can be taken as an opportunity also, and it is the bad of the world which when it is finally realized, is ultimately used to create something good again. - That said I do worry about the day I have to convince myself of that when I am facing down an invading Chinese soldier, hysterical religious nut with a suspicious backpack, or the teller at the bank when all the debt based cash has miraculasly disappeared into thin air.


I have many ancestors who fought and died to make my country what it is and now see it go down the drain. I’m in despair over the dismantling of it due to the greed and corruption we face on such a grand scale it’s breath taking. We’ve even, much to the delight of our enemies, announced our disassociation from our traditional allies.

And all this is the tip of the iceberg. I can’t be lighthearted about it all.


About that air and the soldiers and nuts and…or better not. Life is ephemeral. At best. Which makes it even more precious and important to go out more often. In and popcorn isn´t bad sometimes either though.




There is allot wrong with the world but there is no point in worrying about everything, best to limit the worrying to things you can control or influence.
Chances are you wont be able to solve a world crisis but i bet there are allot of small things you can do to make your own community a bit better.
Personally i found a neighbor to neighbor help group (not in my own neighborhood but close to my workshop) on fb where people can ask for help when they need something done but cant afford to go to a pro. That’s been my new hobby for a year now, been helping people fix things, some yard work etc. Made allot of friends that way, i sleep much better and i worry less and less about things beyond my control.


It took me 12 hours to decide to post this. If this is offensive I will delete it (or you can flag it). I read your comment and stumbled upon this meme while I was surfing the internet.


Cheers for your nice comment, I’m absolutely OK with it.
And I’m sure you don’t like to talk about bags :slight_smile:
And she forgot about her f**king bag because a new little kitty has arrived :slight_smile:
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Nice name for the kitty :joy: