I should have left her a one star review


I am usually wise when it comes to online shopping. I am a published author and the first time I bought on FIVERR it was a great experience. The seller designed my book layout perfectly. But ugh!!! The second time I buy from another seller she did terribly!!! Urrrrgh!! I should have left her a one star review but I am always thinking of people’s feelings. And I didn’t. She made a trailer for my book which looked like she just copy and pasted my quotes into it, Uploaded the PDF inside the book without aligning it properly. SHE DID NOT CAREFULLY DESIGN MY TRAILER WITH HER CUSTOMER IN MIND! It looked like she just slapped it together for a quick buck! & I didn’t bother asking for revision because I did not want to waste anymore of my precious time. Because according to my trailer & her sample trailer you can tell the difference between the two. The sample video required her to make sure it stood out so that her customers would BUY! While mines looked like she wanted my customers to look the other WAY!!! UGH!!! I am so mad right now! But it is not worth losing sleep over. I just wish I would’ve went with the first seller I saw. But instead I went with her because I wanted to support B.O.B. Oh well, lesson learned there.


Sorry, this happened to you. There are good sellers here.


What is B.O.B? I am clueless on that?


Hey Vickie! B.O.B. stands for Black Owned Biz…


Oh, I live in a state where I would never come across that term. Lol.


Someone with more knowledge than I may know if you can change your review.


Lol!! I’ll definitely love to find out how to change my review. So that other customers won’t make the same mistake that I did. Thank you Vickie! :slight_smile:


CS may be able to help.


How do I reach customer service? This is my first time signing into the forums…


At the bottom of the home page where it says “Customer Support”.


To be fair, this is why I stopped doing anything related to ebook formatting. If you are putting a video trailer in an ebook, you need to make sure that the video and page it will be featured on will automatically scale to any screen size. You have implied that your book is in PDF format. That’s a recipe for disaster in itself.

Did you order a video trailer from someone who offered to place it in your book for you? Video creation and ebook creation are completely different skill sets. In fact, creating an ebook is more like web design.

I personally would recommend that you ditch a video intro to your book. The simple reason being that most people looking to buy a book would just be confused by this. Also, if you are planning on releasing a PDF book, you are wasting your time throwing any amount of money at it. It won’t scale correctly (especially if you are including things like video) on many in any of the most popular Kindle devices.

You need automatic scaling across universal ereader devices. Don’t be angry with your seller. If you want your book to be successful, put it away for 6 months. Then take a look at it again, compare it to best-selling books of a similar genre, and you will probably start to see yourself what the many problems are with what you are trying to achieve at present.


i think i am loving you already:blush:


I think you misunderstand. The OP was already had an ebook and was creating a book trailer to promote the book.
The PDF was apparently uploaded to video format and misaligned. They are complaining about the trailer itself.
A lot of fiverr sellers (NOT ALL) that do video work or book trailers in particular use templates to save time…its basic economies of scale, but when doing so the end result looks like a plug-and-play video. It takes time to make book trailers…I’ve done over 500 this year (not all on fiverr).

@jalissacarter it’s best to ask to see a portfolio of their prior work before ordering. Most high level sellers in most categories either link or can provide access to their past work upon request. I know this doesn’t help you now, but I hope if helps you in your future fiverr transactions.


Please contact at http://support@fiverr.com . they will definitely have a solution for u :slight_smile:


Thank you for clarifying for me Mark! Yes. I indeed do have both an ebook & paperback already published. And I had decided to make a trailer for it. And I am sure that if I get a book trailer created by a more established seller it would be a much better outcome. :sunny:


I too have wasted a lot of time because I decided to try and support B.O.B. There are plenty of great ones but also bad ones. I don’t even take it into account now. I just want good work.


That’s all that matters - anything else should be secondary, and shouldn’t even be mentioned to be honest.


It should be secondary. When you live in a climate where sometimes the color of your skin is made primary, especially for minorities, you stick together to counter act that. It should never be an excuse for lack luster work though.


sorry about this, you can ask her to review the work over and over again.