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I simply cannot upload a Cover Photo?

(If this isn’t the correct spot please let me know) I have seen a lot of these asked where the issue seemed to be the poster simply wasn’t reading directions but I have searched far and wide (even making sure the exact dimensions) to make sure I had everything before posting.

Even after resizing and reformatting my picture to a 1100 x 260 px JPG image, it will not let me continue upon hitting “submit.” The top of the page says “Cover scaling ratio cover scaling ratio in the wrong format” and

"Cover crop coordinates crop coordinates in the wrong format." It also might be worth noting that the picture preview never shows up after trying to upload (but I’m not sure there is supposed to be one?) The photo is way below 2 MB. It seems to meet all the guidelines.

Am I still doing something wrong?

I realize this thread from a year ago…but couldn’t help responding as I am having this problem too! My images are fine…but I get the same error message on the cover photo…and interestingly enough my submissions have fit the guidelines to a T.