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I Spend Five Years on Fiverr. Feeling Cool


Today I see I earned 5 Years Spending Anniversary Badge on Fiverr And I see there 26253 More Person that gets this Badge. Let’s we Introduce each others here. :grinning:

Enjoy your Work with Providing Unique Services


Congratulations! Does that mean you have been buying gigs on Fiverr for 5 years?

Hello, I am observing my :keycap_ten: month selling on Fiverr. But I have not got a badge :medal_military: for that. :thinking:


It is this badge for one year on the forum, earned 5 times since the account has been on the forum for 5 years. Misunderstanding I think, it has nothing to do with buying gigs. :

Congrats on the badge, OP.


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