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I spent almost 1,000 hours creating the first GIG with my partners, it's sink or swim!

Hello everyone, I was originally hired as an animator, having been working in this field for 15 years.
However, the local profits are increasingly shrinking, I was almost deciding to give up this job. Until one day…

May 4, I was having some fun on Youtube, and got to know about the FIVERR on PewDiePie’s channel.
May 5, I became interested in FIVERR, and pay for Jesus to say happy birthday to my mom.
May 8, I started to think about how my skills can be sold as GIG, and compared variable types of sellers, wondering how much money I could earn in future.
May 20, I formally decided to become a full-time seller on FIVERR, meanwhile handing in my resignation to my previous company.
May 21, I started to make some plans. The first GIG aims on meeting with my daily costs, and enables me to get slow but stable earnings.
May 24, set about creating the first GIG while finding partners to work with me.
Jun 1, applying for a studio, making websites and brands, register member in social medias, and formulating four major work steps.
Jun 4, stage 1(550 hours): Producing 1000 animations, adding effects and revising over and over again.
Jul 9, stage 2(190 hours): Producing 1000 audios and sound effects, making watermarks at the same time.
Jul 18, stage 3(120 hours): Making forms and thumbnails, uploading videos while naming and sorting them, finally all the files were backup.
Aug 1, stage 4(140 hours): Releasing confirmation, making promotional video, dubbing and mixing, GIG contents designing.
Aug 13, officially releasing the first GIG …but this is just the beginning.

Nowadays local lacks talents in the VFX and animation industry, over the years I’ve been relying on foreign online courses, which almost cost half of my salaries, the only reason to hold on is passion.
I’ve persuaded several partners to join me, I can not let them down, I have to lead them to success on FIVERR.
Although no orders now…but we aim at being a Top Rated Seller. We believe that what we will earn on FIVERR can let our efforts not be in vain, we also believe in ourselves!

In the end, this is our GIG link, please advise:

And how long have you spent on creating your first GIG?

You really shouldn’t have done this. It can take months to get your first sale on Fiverr and years to build up a healthy regular income by freelancing.

As for the amount of time spent on your gig… Well, yikes. I hope you get some ROI from this. The only problem as I see it is that you have spent all this time preparing to enter one of the most oversaturated niches on Fiverr.

If you have 15-years animation experience, maybe consider creating a video gig to launch as well as your animated logo gig?

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Sure, I plan the second GIG which are more technical and innovative.
The third GIG is aimed at combining my works with unique Asian culture.
But in the first GIG, we have to try how can it be more productive.