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I spent three months in fiver but unfortunately did not receive any order yet

Is there anyone who can help me in it? Thanks


How do you have 2 reviews if you didn’t get any orders?

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Just completed two orders in two weak at the beginning than did not receive further any order yet…Could you please tell me would you help me in it?..thanks

I just took a look at your video and read your descriptions:
Is english your first language?

No English is not my 1st language,why is there any mistake in it?

Yes. Most prevalently in your video. Also your overall wording, verbiage, and grammar is a dead give away. I would say to hire someone or purchase a gig for someone to edit your page/video script.

yes you are right ,but i am compel because there is no enough budget in fiver profile

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

i mean ,i am not able to purchase a gig of someone because of shortage of budget

Post a buyer request with whatever it is you can afford.

Ok, I will try ,thanks for the information

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You’re welcome good luck!

My pleasure,thanks for your precious time

I really like your profile picture. Did you create that yourself?

I ask because you sell animation. If that is something you did on your own, you may want to consider offering it. It’s very innovative and I haven’t seen anyone else doing it — of course, I haven’t looked for anyone doing it.

Good luck,either way.

Thank you so much for your complement.Yes i create that portfolio(Gig video and Gig images) by myself but my services is going very slow after completion of my last two orders, I did not receive any orders yet.Could you please tell me would you help me…thanks

Change your gig video , it is not professional .

Make some more professional video and go with it .

Why do you think you haven’t made any recent sales?

You’re using pre-built templates for your animation, automatic voice over and pre-designed logo. There’s nothing wrong with using templates, but then you can’t call it a UNIQUE service.

If you can’t make your own animations from scratch and you prefer to use templates then you need to invest in better templates. It takes money to make money :wink:


Really is it not professional,How could it be professional?,thanks for your information…

Hello…pls I have the same issue…please I need some advice

Consider yourself as a buyer and you need a whiteboard animation video for your gig . You search it in fiverr and then you will start comparing one seller with another on the basis of their portfolio and gig videos.

Do this in practical and also include your gig too in this comparison , You will find a reason for this !