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I started feeling like it's over?

Hello, I’m an architect, I’m not sure if Fiverr is the perfect online platform for me as an architect?
But I want to work online, I started with fiverr, I did orders with less than 50$ to get good reviews “only as a start”… but then, I find It’s not changing, all the offers are with a very cheap earnings “doesn’t worth my effort”

Is this a problem for everyone, or just because I’m a still a level 1 seller?

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When I was a new seller, I only charged $5 for writing letters for which I now charge $50. I too felt like the offers were not worth my effort, yet I wanted to be a freelancer and work from home. Things gradually got better and now I am a happy retired teacher working as a freelancer from home.


got inspired @vickiespencer :heartpulse:

doń’t giveup ! We all start harder

Seller level won’t be an issue but building reviews takes time and yes many started with lower price and then after a good customer base and reviews the price was incremented.

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