I started Fiverr a week ago and have 3 sales. Is that good?


I was just wondering if i was doing well. I started fiverr a week ago, with a gig for turning people logos holiday or birthday themed for St Patricks day, Easter etc. I got the sales in first 3 days but have had none since, because i’m a newbie i’m not really sure if this is good or should i have more by now?


pretty good, for starter, it is always start slow, and build your customer base. That is how i started it a year ago.


I think it is normal. Some people are completing tens of orders within their fist week, others - a couple of orders and others - nothing :slight_smile: For example i delivered my first order 2-3 months after i joined fiverr:) Good luck!


It depend, I got around 10+ order first week and it raise to the stressing level now, but your gig is not the kind that unique and got high demand, many people offer something similar, so I think 3 gigs for the first week is good.


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