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I started Fiverr yesterday

I started fiverr yesterday and things has not been going well. I am a proofreader and editor. What can I do to get my 1st order ASAP. You can also advice me on my gig description. Thanks


Keep sending buyer request and stay active

Well, welcome to fiverr @bridie_writes, it’s great that you have such an enthusiasm and you should keep it to take more actions for your business however some people on fiverr were waiting months for their first order, not one day. Of course It might help you a lot if you’ll invest your time at least into reading this forum to see how you can improve your experience As this question was discussed many times and you spent only 1 min on this forum.
But fiverr is not a get rich fast website. as any business it takes time to establish it.

P.S to advice you on your gigs we need a link to your gigs :wink:


This is my link

What do you think I can do to improve my gig

Hi and welcome!

You started ‘yesterday’ and you expect an order at once? :slight_smile: Well… this is almost impossible. You need to promote yourself, your Gig(s) need to stand out among other similar Gigs. There are thousands of sellers on Fiverr, you know that, right? Self-promotion and patience are needed.

all the best!

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Thanks for the advice. I am just having high hope.

… and, if you have time, have a look at this post. I think you will find helpful information:

welcome to fiverr community…keep up your best work and best wishes for your upcoming orders… Good luck :+1:

thanks @rizwansb for the advice