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I started my first gig and it got 61 impressions and 17 clicks in the first 24 hours. Is this good?

is that a good start of an average one, or does it not really matter? i’m new here and read through a lot on this forum first before posting, but i kind of wanted to know.

anyhow, have a great rest of the day!

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It is very good probably unless you just try to bring some attention to your gigs with forum posting here :slight_smile:

As you are an SEO specialist you probably know that 17 visits per day is a good start for any kind of new business :slight_smile:

for website, yeah, but on fiverr, i’m kind of new to how the traffic flows here. i thought it very strange…i wasn’t expecting any sort of visibility for at least a month! thanks for the heads up!

and WOW you have a lot of gigs!

Your pic is too cute, btw :wink:

haha, thanks! ;D

i look like that in real life, too.



Thats good start of receiving lots of impressions and clicks within short period of starting a new gig on fiverr as a newbie. Most important thing is the conversion rate of your gig. Don’t use the same gig image for more than one gig. Gig image shoul be unique.

thanks, zimron89! i’ll change that tonight! thank you so much for the tips! i thought maybe if i had the same (or even similar image), it would help with branding my type of gig.

Reply to @chocoboinvest: Yes, currently 19 gigs but they all not have so good sales. We can say that average is 2-3 per month per gig. But that is still ok, 50-60 orders per month, plus gig extras and nice money is there :slight_smile:

That is good metric for a start. Use twitter to promote the gig and drive more traffic

Good going , my advice is to offer and irresistible thing , which seems too much for 5$, once you get some reviews come back at your normal gig . It works every time for me and my all students.

@nhshapiro - thanks! i definitely will do that!

@sadescent - yeah i figured i should over-offer and waay over-perform just to get the ball rolling. super solid advice!