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I started small office at home from the help of FIVERR . Thank you FIVERR!

Dear friends,

One day one of my friend told me about fiverr. after that I started fiver.

I bought a new computer from the fiverr money and planing to get a designer.

These days I’m interviewing designers.

I will start the new office on 1st of this September.

I 'm really happy.

All these happened because of Fiverr.

I’m just 22 years old girl. So I’m really proud that I could start this at this age stage.

See below for my Small office at home!!!

This is great.can you teach me how to start like you?you can mail me with

Do you find having an office makes you more productive? I think I might set one up too. You’re looking real professional there.

Reply to @michaeldmaster: Yes I can help you. How can I help you?

Reply to @joethorn: Yes. I am a sports wear designer for an Australian company . but I do that online at home. So I’m busy with both fiverr and my full time job. So I decided to to small offfice at home.


Wow. That’s great. Good luck with your future sales.

Hey im also 22 and im so proud of you! Keep it up!

keep it up …

Reply to @socialpluto: thank you :-* :-* :-*

Reply to @lucky_1992: thank you!!!

Reply to @debbie_ph: Thank you!!