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I stay online for hours but still my gig doesn't appear in the online filter


Here is the whole video I recorded with my voice as well for proof i hope this helps :slight_smile: link


I believe some gigs are simply not included in the results, or then they are at the last pages.


Have You checked to see if your online status is toggled to the on position? Sometimes you might accidentally toggle it off. Happened to me severally.


not the case for me sorry its a bug and cs is not even responding strange


I think it is taken online, only if you are on the page of fiverr directly, (but not) if you are online and researching other web pages


How long has it been since you sent them a support ticket? They can take up to 48 hours to respond.


See there is no point of proving me wrong itโ€™s a bug and i have already tried everything checked myself using different pc as well cross-checked everything


Yup itโ€™s been 24 hrs still waiting :frowning:


They still have another 24 hours :slight_smile:


Well I hope that the support you respond quickly and can the problem that is presented.