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I still can\'t believe

I was checking out some interesting gigs.
Then I ran into a profile. Well it was normal and interesting.
Then i see, "Speaks"part, It has way too many languages.
And then i started counting, exactly 29 languages.
How is that even possible???

It’s not. There are certainly people who can speak many languages, but they are also usually highly-educated academics – and wouldn’t likely be offering $5 services here on Fiverr. That sounds, to me, like someone gaming the system by listing every language option available, hoping that will bring them more sales.

I was actually not judging the guy. It was very funny and I thought of sharing it here. Yeah that is true, 29 languages :), He wouldn’t be offering $5 service.

Maybe it’s some sort of agency that is working with a bunch of freelancers. If it’s a translation gig it would make sense.

I also think, It must be an agency . Otherwise, its impossible

An agency or an ambitious seller armed with Google Translate (which will come to bite them on the ass eventually!)

You know I’ve been wanting to thumbs up some of your comments lately but my thumbs up button is broken. So here I am letting you know… “If I could give you a thumbs up, I would. ;)”

I’d say he was making it up. Although I always feel bad when I go to other countries and they speak 10 different languages when I just expect everyone to know mine.

I have a very smart relative in law who speaks 6 languages fluently (and yes, she is a language teacher). But if a seller claims that she/he speaks more than 10 languages (a.k.a 29 languages) I think that does not make sense (or like some have said, it could be an agency, it could be only a trick to attract buyers and in the end he/she will use Google translate which will make the translation sounds either stupid or funny).