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I still didn't receive Level 1 seller Badge!

I’ve opened my account on Aug 28th 2017 till that time I had 12+ sales with 0 cancellation rate and 5 star reviews. It’s said that after 30 active days with 10 sales, I can get Level-1 seller badge. But I still don’t have it and I don’t know why. What should I do??

check us time :smile:

In my account, its said I’ve joined in Aug 28th,2017. :frowning: I’m sure they’ve included it with US time preferences.

damn sure you create your account not morning time

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Oh! I didn’t know that! thanks! If I open my account at night in Bangladesh time, can you tell me when can I receive my badge??

sure night time you can get your badge

Thank you! I’ll wait for the night!! Can’t wait to get that Badge!! :smiley:

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wait till 12am or 6 am don’t worry you will get your badge :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! Can’t wait!! :smiley:

@mahfuzazam :dancer::dancer::rofl:

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