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I still don't get orders

I have followed every thing that was mentioned in the forum and even posted a thread asking how to get sales on fiverr. Many good people helped me and I have also followed their guide. But somehow I still don’t get the sales.

This is my profile link, can some one explain what is wrong with my gigs.

I have also attached my gig analytic with this thread.

I would suggest updating your photos. For example, on your logo gig the full logo can’t be seen on your first two sample photos. You probably need to resize and possibly crop them to fit correctly.

Wow! 14K views! I have no idea what you have to do…

well i don’t know how much competition there is in your niche but if you have 14k views then honestly something is wrong somewhere… i think the most i have is 2.7k views and i have some sales… i guess its because you haven’t made a sale in months that is making buyers avoid your gigs- they feel you are not active…you might need to do some tweaking and add a few new gigs to your existing ones.

Reply to @mathiaskann: He has 14,000 impressions, and 88 views.

Reply to @fungirl77: Thank you for the help fungirl77. I will recrop and upload the pictures.

Reply to @mathiaskann: They are just impressions :frowning: