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I stopped doing Fiverr for two years and it cost me greatly!


I stopped doing Fiverr for two years and it cost me greatly!!! This topic has been quite stressful for me. I started on Fiverr in August 2012 with a gig that offered to wear your business tee-shirt and post a picture of me wearing it on my Facebook page. I received an order but the logistics of having a shirt delivered to me was an issue. As Fiverr was new to both me and the buyer we eventually settled once the tee-shirt arrived.

As I got comfortable with the platform I brainstormed what better gigs I could come up with to offer. Each day I commuted to and from my day job 1-1/2 hours by train and bus. While at a very busy train station right outside of Chicago, there was a coffee shop that allowed individuals to post their flyer on their cork board. I ended up offering a gig to post business flyers in a busy train station café shop. I’d print your flyer, hi-res, full-color, post it at the train station on my way home from work, and send the buyer a picture validating that their flyer was posted successfully. I also monitored the flyer, which had a post time if at least 10 days before the cafe owners took the batch of flyers down (if they cared to remember). Nevertheless, once the board was cluttered, I was positive that the board would be cleared within 10 days. This turned out to be, what I thought, a very profitable gig since Fiverr was my first online earnings ever in life.

After taking another position with another company, my Fiverr gig posting flyers suffered immensely. While working from home full-time, it didn’t require me to take the long commute to and from work as I did previously. I begun to offer resume editing which proved to be semi-successful but not quite successful as making nearly $300 posting flyers in train cafe’s in less than 6 months. I must admit, I was a bit upset that I could no longer post flyers due to my new day job. The flyer gig really helped out in a big way with me and my young family. Nevertheless, I’m back on that same route and now offer the flyer gig again.

Fiverr is now over-saturated with gigs from millions of individuals and now teams. Although Fiverr started in 2008, I considered myself an early user after starting to offer gigs four years after its beginning in late 2012. I simply lost momentum! While racking up five-star reviews, my flyer gig was poised to place me as a top-rated seller. I was on the verge of having a feature on Fiverr’s home page if I’d kept the momentum going (oh, and if I’d never switched companies). While I can’t look back, I do regret taking nearly two years off of Fiverr. I am urging my fellow Fiverr giggers -

Do not to lose momentum. Keep powering through!

I’m happy to be back on Fiverr after adding some new skills to my tool belt. All was not lost because the time that I spent away from Fiverr led me to develop some pretty cool tech skills. I now offer a gig that puts your message on a celebrity’s Twitter or Facebook page within 24hrs. I believe that this is a great gig and can’t want to see what lies ahead. As with all new web apps, being an early adapter really proves to be helpful in increasing your ratings, orders, and revenue.

Am new here, any tips?
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Hey everyone, the name's Seirance ^^

I enjoyed reading your story, and I very much agree with the points you make.


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