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I stopped receiving order after i became a level one seller, now what should i do?

Hello every one here in this forum, I sincerely need help and insight(s) that will bring a solution. The title of this post describe exactly my experience on, I’m going to two months old here on fiverr… a week after I launched my first set of gigs I began to make sales atleast one gig in two days then about three weeks later I became a level one seller and I was excited but now I am not very excited because I have not made even one new sale for about three weeks now, worst of all my best performing gig with atleast three positive feedback recently got denied by fiverr after I tried to upload a video to it and as a fresh seller here loosing those positive feedback is like a punch on my face… please experience “fiverrians” here what should I do now to get back orders frequently as I used to and also revive my best performing gig that is just being denied? I will sincerely appreciate your suggestions.

There are hundreds of posts on the forums answering this exact question with tips and advice.

But instead of all that work, why don’t you just earn $500 a day with CPA? After all, it’s not an exaggeration, it’s the “truth”, and you only need 30 minutes each day.

And why not market your gigs to those “5 million REAL people on Facebook”? After all, this a great way to promote your product, and if only .1% of these folks make a purchase, that’s 5000 sales…you’ll be a Top Rated Seller in no time at all.

Reply to @celticmoon: :))

Thank you! I appreciate your suggestion but my experience suggest that the dynamic of traffic success in fiverr slightly deviate from the conventional method (social media etc), what I think is traffic generated from fiverr itself have more quality than traffic coming from outside and if you’ve tried driving traffic from facebook before then you’ll know what am saying!

mae_jtraffic said: if you've tried driving traffic from facebook before then you'll know what am saying!
No, I don't do things to get any of my accounts banned. Like buying "traffic" (against the TOS of pretty much all social media sites).

But seriously, you're saying you're going to ignore "5 million REAL people" because you claim they're not the same "quality" as the traffic Fiverr generates? But you want other people to pay you for those same "low quality" sources which apparently won't generate any actual sales?