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I submitted 300 requests

i submitted 300 requests And Get 5 orders is It progress…? or i should focus on my Gigs …

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I am Level 2 user-badge-level-4de607c2fd8bb420cbcf0cc9cb758884, submitted 75 and got one order only (while I was Level 1 user-badge-level-4de607c2fd8bb420cbcf0cc9cb7588842 ).


Yes you should focus on your Gigs and my suggestion to you, never start the project which you think you can’t successfully complete. I preffer discussing with my client the requirements of the order before he/she places the order so that I could know if I can do it successfully or not, that way you don’t get negative reviews and ratings.

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Why not do both? The more effort you put in the better your results! :slightly_smiling_face:


Now fiverr and fiverr buyer focus in gig. So, Focus in your gig, Improve gig quality ,rank your gig in fiverr search engine and gets lot of orders.
Best of luck.
Happy Freelancing

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how to rank my gig please give me some suggestion tips and trick

used the most searchable tags and use them in your title

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and please tell me how to find most searchable tag

really…Mean i am going right? ITs normal

yeah Sir …Now i will do Both

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Searchable tags comes under the main title of the Gig. Select the catagory your Gig belongs to and they will appear.

I have submitted over 1000 replies and I have got some responses. Some of these responses have turned into good customers. You need to set up your replies as standard so you can post them easily - as standard or with very little revision.

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No. I don’t use buyer requests very often but when I do I usually get replies to about 50-60% of my offers. Your response rate is about 2%.

The difference is

  1. I don’t use templates. Every offer is personalized based on the request
  2. I don’t bid on random requests. I bid on requests that match my skills.
  3. I don’t use stolen nor fake information on my account.

I am using fiverr for like 2 or 3 years and my total submitted requests are 119 :slight_smile:
I am sure some people don’t even use request section but when i use it i read it carefully and when i submit i make sure that i can deliver this %100.
You should focus on your gig description and improve your portfolio.

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This is true and works for me. The more personalised your proposal is, the more your proposal addressed to your buyer need, the more likely you will get sale.

Again, it works for me. Some of my buyers even explicitly said about this in their reviews. Most buyers prefer to work with a seller who has a personality. That’s the important point.

Anyway, thanks to @uxreview for sharing :smile:

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Just a little tip. Best not to address others as sir, dear, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

I submitted 1 request only:tired_face::cry:

Submit more buyer request, no matter you got a job or not, you earn daily 10 buyer request from @Fiverr-Social so use it and make benefit of it :relaxed: @dishanth2018