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I suddenly stop getting order, Why?

Hi there,

In December 2015 I was getting good quantity of orders on Fiverr and managed to achieve the level-2 in just 3 months of working on Fievrr with 4.9 rating.
However, from January I am not getting any orders on my fiverr gig even I haven’t received any negative feedback on my orders. What would be issue. :frowning:

Thanks for help me out!

Sales are not guaranteed here on Fiverr. You are not guaranteed sales just because you have gigs. If sales are lower than you would like, take the time to promote them elsewhere online. You need to take responsibility for your own success.

Improve your gigs, work on your English, present yourself better, market your gig links on the internet, and please… please stop using a photo of a young woman than is not you. You are from Pakistan; I highly doubt that you are the attractive blond-haired young Caucasian woman in your profile photo.

Use a photo of YOU. Fiverr does not take kindly to users pretending to be someone they are not. In the legal world, that would be considered fraud. And fraud can result in Fiverr removing your gigs from their search engine.

I was going to say that there are a group of Pakistanis who look more European but that picture clearly isn’t one of them. ha

Haha, a lot of them have “those” kind of profile pictures.