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I suggest a 'BLOCK THIS USER' button for inbox messaging for spammers and such

Once hit, that’s it.

Would be very effective and can ‘BLOCK’ user instead of reporting for spam all the time just so Fiverr can unspam and I have to ‘report for spam’ again just to keep it that way.

I still think ‘report for spam’ is good for sellers who spam me their gigs and for spammers in general, but everytime I hit it, hours later it is ‘unspammed’ by fiverr and I get more spam or unwanted messages so I have to hit again and somehow these losers still can message me??? lol.

Point is, I just want to BLOCK them for good. No Fiverr ‘monitoring’ and no messaging disabling.

I don’t have time to deal with rude buyers, irrelevant questions, and people just wanting to say hi or get free stuff.


DTong (TRS)

Reply to @sydneymorgan: Yeah exactly haha, I would want a bad user badge or any badge that would represent that point… or if not a badge, the buyer would get a warning of always cancelling orders or something like that. I read somewhere in the forum just earlier today that there’s this buyer who requested a refund from the seller who did work on his site. All the seller did was follow the buyer’s orders and after the job was complete the buyer immediately changed the password of his site and requested a refund… If he didn’t get the refund he warned the seller that he’d post a bad review… Just plain cheap and it frustrates me to even hear about it.

Yes, please. It would be a helpful feature not only for buyers and sellers, but for support as well. No need to take up their time playing referee, when we could solve certain issues with a simple click.

The “report” button NEVER, EVER works. I see no reason why it is even there.

Make these stupid custom gigs I receive stop too! Those are the users I “report” and I just keep getting custom gigs from them.

I want a Block user button!!

Strictly agree with you

Yes, We want it…

We need both a way to block a user from messaging, and one to block a bad buyer from ordering. I also think it’d be nice to have a “bad user” badge, like the “repeat buyer” and other icons that show up in messages. If someone constantly cancels orders, gets reported, etc. they should be marked so sellers can be warned :slight_smile:

Reply to @strongestate: Agree! I report them, and then a few hours later, the message shows up as unread again, so I report again. Will keep doing so until they find a way to fix/improve it.

Reply to @theratypist: yes, but if buyers got a bad buyer badge, those buyers would start to figure it out and then just delete that account and create a new account with a new name.