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I suggest that Fiverr should do something about the fake models avatars. What do you guys think?

  • Yes, Fiverr should do something about it!
  • No, it shouldn’t.

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It gives me creeps when I see the picture of a voluptuous girl (that is obviously taken from the internet) to a designer or any other kind of seller. It shows unprofessionalism and a deep sense a lack of trust to use Fiverr.

I think they can easily have some auto scans or at least encourage us to report these kinds of people, and forbid them to use this kind of tactics to drive sales. If you don’t want to use your real picture, and you use a picture of a cat, drawing or a car, that’s ok. People understand that you don’t like to show your real face.

But using models stolen from the internet is sleazy, manipulative, and in many cases even illegal.Some customers agree.

What do you guys think? Should Fiverr do something about it?


Great idea and suggestion! I personally prefer to buy from people who have a real picture (not that I can verify) instead of a fake pic or avatar. I like to see who I am dealing with. To me, it helps establish trust and professionalism.


On the other hand, how nice that these users fly a giant red flag that warns anyone with common sense to “STAY AWAY.” Kind of a customer service right there. Having those gigs next to yours makes you look so much better, Like this…



It’ll require people to verify that their face is actually their face and I can understand not everyone wanting to do that.

On the other hand, I had a potential buyer with “Hide The Pain Harold” for an avatar and they swore it wasn’t a joke. I had a good laugh about it. It’d be twice as funny if they actually were the Harold, though.


That’s actually a great angle! :smiley: I changed my mind, Fiverr shouldn’t do anything about those!


Exactly. There are quite a lot of them even in the first page of categories. It is clearly obvious it is fake given the region where they are from and the username and image misleads.


Aeroplanes? :airplane:


Yup! It’s misleading!

What chaps my arse the most is when these faux models or busty babes. Swear up & down that it’s really them in the photo. Like, really?! :smirk:

Another thing that bothers me is males pretending to be females on this website. They do it, thinking it will increase their :heavy_dollar_sign: sales. I’ve been duped in the past and I wasn’t happy. :imp:

However, it will be extremely difficult to :oncoming_police_car: police the shady bunch. Personally, having a faux pic radar comes in handy and google reverse image works, too.


I would like to see everybody using their own faces but i also know that some people don’t like their picture plus Scopophobia and those who don’t want others to know where they from by regionwise if that’s a word.


That’s rule #2 in the dirtsylvanian translation of “Get rick quick in feverr today” pamphlet. $100 a year fee to be active in fiverr would fix this. $100 to be in business is nothing. It’s sort of like the landlord running a credit check before letting you lease a storefront.


Yes, Sister

There are many male sellers using female models or stolen images of beautiful females around the world. I know there are thousands of male sellers using female images to grab attention of other male buyers.

I hope fiverr will launch government identity check with each user. i am sure at least 30-40% sellers will lose their accounts here.


I totally agree with you :smiley:

Interesting point of view. But I consider it this way: For example, I recommend Fiverr to a potential client. And I brag about how awesome this place is and how professional, which I consider it is. And that person simply states “ok, so what is with those fake profile pics no one is fooled by? aren’t seller verified here?”… crickets from my part

A simple “hey send us your Id to see that you are that hot model even though your real name is Achmed” should do the trick when a red flag is raised

That’s exactly my point. You feel betrayed. All clients will feel that way. And the final opinion would be “Fiverr does nothing about these fake “babes”… ugh”.

Thank you everyone for voting and participating in this conversation, which I think should take place. Interesting points of views. So far, 77% agree measures should be taken.

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Count me out if that happens! :slightly_smiling_face:

I value my privacy more than anything I could possibly make on here. We have no government identity cards here thankfully.


it’s a great idea.
Go ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

TGIF! :tada:

You’re too much. So dirty! :joy: :joy:

Hmm :thinking:

If they go down this road it will be a pain in the arse not only for them but the users as well. Trust me people will find a way to pass their security checks.

Personally, this is a Freelancing website, going through these measures one would think it’s for a Government job (security clearance) or working for NASA or something.

I’m curious how should Fiverr go about doing this? An implanted Identity chip?

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A simple “hey send us your Id to see that you are that hot model even though your real name is Achmed” should do the trick when a red flag is raised

There was a separate post about fiverr asking for IDs for verification purposes for whatever reason and people were not really down for that.

A fake profile picture is not a huge !!!RED FLAG!!! that requires an ID verification. I mostly find it adorable and just never order from those people. If someone wants to order from someone hot, it’s their own choice.


Technically speaking, I would agree with you, but I cannot vote with you even though I’d like to. Of course many people voted that measures should be taken. I also believe that measures should be taken to keep people from letting their dogs eliminate in my yard. I would like to see measures taken to keep people that seem shady from getting on a bus with me.

The things that I suggested can’t be done even though many people would vote with me on similar ones. There is already a city ordinance about dogs in my area, but the cops aren’t following every dog owner around. We can’t just tell people they aren’t allowed on the bus because they wear clothes that are trendy in certain cultures or because they like wearing dark hoodies and sunglasses.

This is the other flaw in your plan. Some people really DO look so fabulous in their pictures that they could be models. Most of us don’t, but you can’t get rid of the few just to fix the rest.

You can’t actually tell for sure that a blonde woman who looks Scandinavian wasn’t born in India. You can’t tell for sure that a beautiful woman wearing a religious head covering isn’t living in the USA. (Many are, in fact.)

You can’t tell a darn thing from a username. One of my friends started out as a team on Fiverr with her husband and they named their account something like johnplusone (name changed slightly) but he later quit. My friend had over a thousand reviews and continues to use her real photo which shows her as very attractive. Her name may not be John, but it’s her and she’s still successful on Fiverr.

So if we can’t tell for sure, how would Fiverr? They can’t. Most of us can rely on gut instinct. If I see a photo of a busty lady with heavy makeup and there are other clues, I probably won’t buy from that seller. Do those photos bring the whole site down? Maybe. If so, the level system and other measures being put in might drive those sellers away over time. No matter what, it’s very difficult to do what is often calling “profiling” people without running into a wall. Your idea is sound and I get it. I still don’t think it would work on a large scale.


Might as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

In the last few weeks we’ve had passports mentioned, driving licences, facial recognition etc. Fiverr chips are the only thing that haven’t been suggested.

Why should the majority have to suffer because of a few? If you don’t like the look of a seller’s profile, don’t buy from them - easy!


Yes, but if you report that person and you have proof, that person will be fined right? In my country it’s not the case, but I know for a fact that in Spain, if you don’t clean after your dog, you get fined for it.

That was my point in this. Not to force ID on all or something, but when something is red flagged to be verified. And to be honest, showing cleavage on Fiverr to sell more shouldn’t be allowed either if it’s a real picture or not.

When you think about professionalism, you think that you are on a platform where it is reinforced. Where people are verified if when you reverse that profile picture you see they use it from a instagram model or something. I don’t think it’s that hard to ask for an ID when a red flag is raised. :slight_smile:

People are free to use whatever they want on their social media, but using sexual attraction to catch more attraction is not something for a business environment. And I believe this is what this place is.

Of course I don’t say that Fiverr must listen to us, but I believe in the power of a community that comes together to make a platform better for the better of us all. :slight_smile:

Yeah. It’s ridiculous!

Actually, I’m sitting here :joy: because it sounds so damn fruity.

Here’s the kicker anybody can fake his or her identity, a trip to the party store to buy a :clown_face: or plastic wig, :lipstick: or :socks: + :jeans: if you know what I mean. People will find a way to game the system.

We shouldn’t.

The whole identity check is just too much. Especially for people with nothing to hide, this will get old real fast. :pushpin:At the end of the day, I just don’t see Fiverr putting in the resources – staff, money, technology to get this purge started.


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