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I suppose he tried his luck?

I had an interesting experience yesterday. The order initially came out of the blue without the buyer discussing requirements with me in chat.

However, he gave detailed instructions and provided an example of how the final product description should look. Not too difficult.

I did his product description precisely as per his requirements with all the necessary headings, bullet points, etc.

Delivered the order and got a ‘request to cancel’ back within half an hour. His comment?

“I received bulletin points of random questions being answered. No title, no product description, no bulletin points that are of quality. Worst service…”

Is this weird or what? So, politely, I wrote back, HIGHLIGHTED MY TITLES, bullet points, product description, and refused the cancellation. I offered him all the revisions he would possibly want.

Half an hour later - Order marked as complete. ‘Luckily’ with no further review.

What do you think? A scammer trolling for free work, but still getting his act together? Maybe I was terrific in my arguments back - and he saw that it wouldn’t be worth his while stringing things along?

I am so mad! I’ve been around the block a few times, so I don’t fall for this, but a new seller could easily have been intimidated just to accept his cancel request in fear of review.

Watch out, people! There are ruthless, evil people out there …


People don’t read things, Helen - perhaps you’ve noticed that here on the forum?

I always include a pdf outlining what I’ve done, outcomes, recommendations with every delivery. Buyers tend to treat it like terms of service. They only look at the pictures.

You may well have had one of those …


The questions that keep me up at night! :rofl: Unfortunately with some Fiverr Buyers, the world may never know. Did they leave a review in your case or can you see whether they’ve ever left reviews for other Sellers? That might give a clue.


We’ll never know if it was a scammer or an incompetent buyer.

However, that line of “worst service” and issuing a cancellation request without discussing revisions is classic scammer territory.

Well done for standing your ground.

People like this are playground bullies who need a bit of a slap.


You reckon buyers read it more if attached on a pdf?

Cause I always do the same on my order delivery messages. I always send very, to a fault, detailed messages only to sometimes receive a question about something that was very clearly explained, and when I asked if they’ve read my delivery message they normally apologize and then go to read.

I would blame fiverr’s UI if I wasn’t a buyer myself and now that it’s very hard to miss the delivery message.

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My gut tells me this is the worst kind of buyer, in they knew what they were doing and they also knew if they’d leave a review, they’d also get a review in exchange.

Fiverr needs to stop making reviews one way. A seller should be able to review a buyer without have them reviewing you first.

If they are worried about buyers wanting to remain anonymous then they should redact the seller’s name/gig, but there are far too many sellers buyers getting away with awful behavior simply because they don’t review sellers.


Lol! No

I can - and do! - point out that their questions are answered in it. And it also covers my @$$ should any queries arise later … :wink:

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You’re not completely out the woods just yet. They can be a potential Paypal chargebacker.

Thanks for sharing a good lesson

Haha, so we’re on the same boat. Although I’ve got to admit I do get a bit of satisfaction to tell them that was already covered in my delivery message to them see they coming back a bit embarrassed and apologetic, haha

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Not necesserilly. I just had a buyer who ordered and issued cancellation right after the first delivery, without engaging in any discussion on whats wrong, just the “worst service, you are not able to do the job”.

I refused the request for cancellation explaining that she has two more revisions and it is not normal that she cancells without telling me what the initial problem was. I was pretty calm with this, tried to reason with her, and started preparing for cancellation or a bad review. I really was direct and sincere and asked her to give me another chance and I’ll gladly cancell if she doesn’t like my next delivery.

Surprisingly, even though she opened a ticket with CS, everything went well after the second delivery and the buyer accepted the order, even though I was offering cancellation and a refund.

My point: sometimes the buyer may only be scared of waisting money for nothing, or they may think that you cannot do the job. Or thay may have had a bad day. Or they just don’t know how to use the platform. But it’s always better not to take defensive position from the start but to try to explain things and clarify things calmly and respectfully. It worked for me.

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It always raises alarm when it happens. But we had one buyer here on the forum stating he had no idea he could reach out to us before making an order. He believed he has to make order prior to talking.

Oh boy, here we go…


No review is the best thing that could happen here since he is obviously trying something out and in the process of it, he regrets it. Thankfully.

YES! It happened to me but luckily even I am a new seller I am coming with experience. I rejected cancelation two times and managed to remain a 100% clean profile after that incident.

Always. In here out there everywhere.
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Ridicules lies but I was so angry and then my college sent me this:

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Definitely another case of someone who wants free work. If you did the job exactly as he requested, then why would you want to cancel? He could at least request a revision but thst would be weird as well since you have respected his requirements. Good thing you did not cancel.

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I think some automatically cancel with a stock complaint in an attempt to get work for free. It’s part of their usual MO. However, there are some buyers who just get confused. I had one who argued with me that I had delivered their notes back to them without actually writing anything. I redelivered, they wouldn’t back down. It took a day for them to finally figure out that they were looking at their own file instead of the ones I sent them complete.

Glad this order worked out for you in the end!

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