I suspended a gig, but some how a buyer was still able to order it?


I noticed that I sold a gig that I had suspended. Apparently, even if you suspend a gig someone can order from it. I’m not sure if suspended gigs are still available to buyers who favorite it or what, but someone ordered from a gig I didn’t want to be displayed. I’m still going to deliver the work for the buyer, but I’m just kinda confused. What is the point of suspending the gig is if people can still order it?

I went ahead and modified the gig so that if anyone else orders it, I will be fine with it. You can’t delete a gig if it has a pending job, just FYI. Since I modified that gig, I’ll probably not delete it since it is under a different category from my primary gig anyway.


hi, i think if for example they contacted you through the gig before you marked it as suspended they can order.


When you suspend a gig it will take some time (24hr) to remove from fiverr search results within that time others can order your gig.I think that why you have orders from suspended gig


I have had people order my gig days after I paused one. It was… a bit weird to say the least, especially since it had already been removed from the listings. I guess they somehow bookmarked the specific order page?

Other thoughts may be that some people actually when they order if they don’t pay directly with paypal and do like an e-cheque, it can take a little while until the money clears and the order shows up. As another has said, it can take a little bit before it completely vanishes which can also be the case.


It was suspended for at least 6 days when they ordered from it. Maybe it was the echeck thing someone mentioned above. It’s still suspended but at least if anyone else orders it again I’ll have no issues doing it. Since I edited it, it’s basically identical to my primary gig now, except it’s under a different category. Plus, when I get low on gigs, or run out, I can activate it and increase my chances of getting another order by having two similar gigs in different categories.

Thanks for all the answers!



I had that happen the other day… Come to find out, it was a buyer whose order I had cancelled a week before because he didn’t submit info in time… I guess somehow through the work stream he was able to order again, even though I was suspended from viewing through the site search and browse



I would assume then it’s either what MadMoo said or as I have said. I personally had someone order, inquired about it and they still were waiting on their funds to clear and it took about the range of which you said where it was about 5 to 6 days until the order had finally shown up.

What you can do to know for sure is send in a support ticket, put in the order # and mention it in a ticket to their technical area. I am sure someone can give you an answer so you know for the future. It very well could be a glitch or some kind of bug.


May be a bug or may be he has marked your gig as favorite… I guess someone from Fiverr staff can tell you the real thing…