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I think a buyer who I was communicating with blocked me

Not really sure where to post this…

I had been contacted by a buyer. We chatted over a number or days. No gig was ever purchased. I sent him a written out proposal that he needed to respond to before I could get a gig set up.

Next thing I know, I see is a message from fiver on the same chat thread saying that “this user can no longer be contacted, my response rate will not be affected”… or something like that.

I started reading other posts in different community boards here, and they state that the buyer was banned. To enter the user name in to see if they are still there. Well, they were not. BUT!! I can still see the user’s green/grey icon indicating if they are online or not. So, I don’t get it.

Was the buyer banned by fiverr or did the buyer block me?

How can I tell for sure.

Perhaps the buyer’s messaging was disabled by Fiverr, or it’s a bug.

You can try asking Customer Support to check out whether there’s a bug preventing the buyer from communicating with you.


He could have gotten his messaging blocked for sending the same message to multiple people, triggering the spam ban.


Thank you all, I reached out to customer support, waiting on their reply. I’ll update my post here once I hear back.

They could have been a scammer and had their account shutdown. I’ve seen that happen, which would be good, because you could have done work and not gotten paid.