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I think am doing any mistake because I'm not getting orders?

I think I am doing any mistake because I’m not getting orders?

You joined in fiverr last month. As a new seller, you have to wait. Please send your gig proposal on Buyer request. You can send 10 request/proposal per day. Try to increase your gig impression and views.
Hope you will success.

Okay thanks for the advice,kindly tell me how to send attractive and effective buyer request.?

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i think sale on fiverr is decrease due to covid-19…

Not on all the categories. Most of the categories are getting even more attraction and more orders.

Hello Mates.

I am a level one seller on Fiverr and i achieve this by hard work and patience and when this COVID-19 pandemic start i received more then 3-4 order’s per day and because of lot of order’s i completed level Two requirement, But suddenly i received warning from fiverr and my daily order’s decrease.
I check my gig rank and it goes back so can you please guide me that this happen because of warning or there be another issue with it.

Thank you in advance.

It is normal, fiverr change the gig position, your gig will comeback to its position in a few days.
Cancellation, late deliveries, warnings all effect your gig ranking.

Look at a glance here: