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I think buyer not seen my request

Everyday i send buyer request but any buyer not response my offer. Please help me fiverr top seller.

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Buyer See Your Request But They Dont Interest In Your Gigs


They see your request but they go with the first person that sends the request

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The Buyer Requests section for the buyers only, for example: any buyer needs a logo design and he write his request in this section to get more offers from the sellers, you understand :sunglasses:

write eye-cathing cover letter :expressionless:

Just because you aren’t getting any responses, doesn’t mean that the buyers don’t see your offers. Perhaps your offers just don’t appeal to the buyers you send them too. Marketing is a skill, and it is a skill you’re going to need to master if you want to earn replies, responses and sales from the Buyer’s Request section.

Do some self-assessment, improve your offer-writing skills, target the needs of the buyer, and you might start to see the kind of responses you’re looking for. We cannot help you become a better offer-writer. YOU are going to have to do that on your own. After all, YOU are the person trying to win the sale. :wink:

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Disagree. They only go with the best quotation.

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you are probably right but most seller that sends the first request goes with the best quotation

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