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I think buyer requests should have a flag option

I’m new to Fiverr and I’m seeing people advertise their gigs on buyer requests.I find it annoying.I have been reading the forum and seen comments that suggests that they are new sellers or foreigners.Yet I don’t know if that could be verified.I don’t know why they do it. It is their responsibility to learn the rules on Fiverr before selling anything.What ever their reason is they come across as desperate for customers.Also the only people seeing their advertisement are other sellers offering the same service.Fiverr should put a flag option because it’s very annoying to people looking for buyers.Buyer requests is meant for sellers to look for buyers looking for a certain service.When you see somebody asking for a service that you provide, make an offer.


You won’t find much of that around these here parts, son. It doesn’t mix too well with a cocktail of stupidity and desperation.