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I Think "DOWNLOAD ALL" Button should be there!

Hello Fiverr
I think there should be button there , which will be DOwnload all. Because that will be a big save of time and also less missing of files.

Sometimes there are some files missing to download when we download all the files in a huge number of attachments.
What you think?

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is a very good suggestion!


I also Think so. Because, sometime my clients give a huge files in the attachments, but missed most of them. Thats why if there is a button "DOWNLOAD ALL" there i think that problem will be solved :slight_smile:

Absolutely. :hammer_and_wrench: :cookie: :coffee: time, Fiverr tech team!


Realy Good suggestion. Hope that Fiverr developers team will consider it in future.

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Great suggestion. This is a function Fiverr should add.

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Thanks, Hopefully that will be good for everyone.

This is very essential…

I also hope so :slight_smile:

Yes, Because we can get everything at a time without any complication :slight_smile:

yea this is very good suggestion.

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Yeap, Hopefully fiverr will add this very soon :slight_smile:

Nice tip! (However, there is a technical limitation to this - AFAIK, Browsers can’t download multiple files with a click - atleast not all browsers and one has to compress and make them available as a .zip file.)

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Maybe there can be a “Download all as .zip” option like some email providers have.


Yep! That’s what I was speaking about too…

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really good suggestion. at the moment i’m using IDM software to download files so it has that option.

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Yeap, All browsers are not supporting this, like most of the people use Chrome & Firefox which doesnot allow this. Thats why i think the site should allow to DOWNLOAD ALL button :slight_smile:

Yes, That is really a nice option for getting all the files at a time :slight_smile:

Yes, But you can’t download them at a time! thats why i think DOWNLOAD ALL button should be there :slight_smile:

Great idea , hope we will get it in the near future :+1:

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