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I Think Finished

No any order since last one month :frowning:

Don’t give up, rework your gigs, change the thumbnail and even the tags
For example you gig with a video “I Will Provide Cinematic Audio Video Editing For Any Type” it’s not professionnal to keep a black screen as a thumbnail. edit your gig video and choose another thumbnail in the video timeline, it’s something you can do in fiverr without reuploading your video

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Hi,how to choose thumbnail from videos.

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This is how I marketed my gig…
I went and found groups on Facebook that need my services. I am a voice talent and so I have joined groups on Facebook for whiteboard video creators, animators, and there are even Fiverr gig promotion groups! I have joined these groups and made effort to be part of the community. Then every once in a while I will post a link to my gig and say that I do not intent to spam the group, but I would like to ADD VALUE to any of their projects that require a voice over. It has made a difference!

The key is to BE A PART OF THE GROUP! Don’t just post your link. Give compliments, look at their posted projects, etc. That is how your marketing your gig will be received well and the chance of orders following are good!

I hope this helps!


@ocean7media you can find some infos about this here New Feature: Choose Your Own Video Thumbnail!

and it take around 24h to be effective

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Hi,thanks never knew that .about do marketing on FB groups

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