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I think fiver should base the level seller on the price of sales


this is how it works here, you sale at 5$ sale a lot get N1 seller, make 800, sale more, get N2 seller, increase the prices make the same 800, and then get N1 seller again because you sale less but more expensive.

the issue here is that the guy who sales the logo of 800 makes for fiver the same money than the 5 *160 logos, and they both should have the same level I think, I think 800$ should be top sellers too.

do you share my opinion? I think this way we keep having good clients


I don’t really understand what you’re asking here.

You seem to be implying that when a seller gets promoted to Level 2, they immediately raise their prices, and then lose their seller level because of this. That’s a very sweeping statement.

  • Not all sellers raise their prices when they get promoted.
  • Of those that do, many are able to retain their seller level without problem. We raised our prices, and find that if anything, we now get MORE orders as a Level 2 than we did as a Level 0 or 1, and those orders are higher value.

I think there’s equal opportunity for sellers charging $5, $50 or $500 to get and maintain a high level here.


the idea of increasing the price is getting more money and less sales, to work less and make the same or more money, with less work, so when you sale less units, you loose the number of sales and then lose the level seller I think a person with 1 800$ sale should have the same level than a person with 160 sales of 5$, but no if you raise prices here to get a better pay for your time, have you noticed that the guys that charge 500$ for a logo are only the pro, if I put search and I select in logo the level 2 only I see the best selling are mostly 5$ I was on level 2 and I sold an item for about 500$ as I had a lot of work that month I only did a few, so next month “you have not the level requirements” next month I put lower prices for 5$ and get a lot of cheap bad work, get level 2 and then raise prices, and the same story, I only sold a few to make the same money that working like a slave for many 5$ logos, then I realized that if I raise get less individual sales and go down.


I hear what you’re saying and I generally agree. I’m a PRO seller, and Fiverr is not my only source of income. So I can’t be here all the time, doing 20 orders per month, for example. That’s why my levels wouldn’t be upgraded the same way as for full-time sellers.

Also, I normally don’t take orders lower than 120$ value because it’s simply not interesting to me from financial point of view. So when I do take orders here, it requires quite some time to complete.

I’ve been struggling keeping Level 1 after I was granted one a few months back. I did have a few mutual cancellations of orders, and I simply don’t take enough orders to balance it out in my stats. I didn’t change my prices or anything, but my “speed” and style of work don’t match well with this leveling system to be able to remain successful.

Same goes to reviews. If I happen to get a 3-4 star review (which so far happened just a few times), I still don’t take enough orders to be able to balance it out quickly. So eventually it screws up my stats.

So I agree that Fiverr’s rankings and levelings suit best to sellers who manage to complete a lot of orders monthly. In majority of cases, those are sellers who charge less money, and that makes sense.


100% agree… in other matter I´ve decided to do this: put prices I´m fine with, no less. I dont care if nobody buy I will no longer be a slave. yes that is the new slavery, working from sunday to sunday, respond with the 2h limit, no matter if is 2 am or 11 pm, and making logos in bulk cheap shitty logos that you don´t get to enjoy to do like harvesting corn like a slave.

fiver should consider adding: schedule, money based rates, and a filter that say “from hi to low price”, and one “from low to hi” new arrivals is pretty lame in terms of this services I dont care if is a new collection, is experience what client seeks or price or other stuff


You don’t have to “work like a slave,” though.

I only do gigs here that I can do very quickly. If I can’t do it quickly and it provides high value to the client, I charge more.

Also, one of the reasons people can charge more for what may take (or appear to take) the same level of labour and time is because you charge based on the value you provide the client, not just how long it takes you to do something. If a client perceives you as high quality, he or she will see your work as an opportunity to get more business and you present yourself very professionally, you can charge more.

The problem with this is that logo design is incredibly competitive on Fiverr. Like anything in business, when the supply exceeds the demand, sellers lower their prices in order to appeal to people who may otherwise not do business with.

In short: you need to find out what makes you stand out from competitors and also present yourself more professionally. Get a professional headshot. You look like a model in your avatar, not a professional designer. Write in proper sentences, separated into paragraphs. These are the things that play a role in how seriously people take you and how credible they think you are. Credibility is everything when you are trying to figure out who to buy from.


Maybe, I don’t see this as a problem.

A quick search, that is not difficult because she provides her full name, reveals that her profile picture is original.
It is likewise easy to find that the watercolors are original works.
The look, the vibe, is more the one of an artist rather than the one of a corporate professional.
It doesn’t have to be 100% square, as long as it’s genuine.


I think that too, the photo sont need to be the “classic”, I feel is boring for me that style, but she have a point I making logos is a low valued market I will stop doing logos to do more illustration work.


To clarify, I didn’t mean her headshot was necessarily a hindrance, but that it could be a factor in who you decide to work with. My headshot has really helped me in this way.

I’m sure her profile picture and portfolio are original works – I didn’t say or suggest they weren’t. My point was about presentation and buyer expectations. “Original” and unique are two different things. “Original” means she created them herself, which I’m sure she did.

If you mean her photo and portfolio are unique to other sellers, that may be true, but that isn’t enough to get sales. As I said, my point is about buyer expectations and what sells. Also, you need to be discoverable to people who are looking for what you do and there also needs to be a demand for what you do.


I mean that, as a buyer or more in general as someone that in a certain moment finds himself in the position to judge someone else, I tend to look for clues of genuinity rather a than a smiling tidy face.

I don’t trust the headshots à la LinkedIn anymore since I realized that many of those with professional headshots revealed themself terrible when I met them in person.


Certainly, but it can be even more attractive to buyers if there are clues that you are genuine and you have a “tidy face.”


I have closed a lot of sales here, but I want more of the 500USD sales not the 5$ lame price.

I know you understand, I have no service that takes no time to offer for 5, I have a great quality services that in other sites I charge from 50 USD - 1000USD, I started with the 5 “to get people to rate me” but I just can’t do anything for 5$, 5$ is a cup of tea, even a quick doodle worth more than that. 5$ is the tip you left to the bartender “because s/he smiles”.

But yes for sure I will no longer offer that shitty 5$ deals of logo or branding for 25$, that market is full, is not for me I will start selling my artwork for the 100+ or even at least 60+ book pages to get better clients.

And about the picture as @pacquo said, I want people to know I´m a genuine artist, also I think designers and really creative people are like me, “really themselves”. we don´t try to fit a mold thats why we are creative, we break the mold, we are different unique creative for real.


but we are missing the point, the issue is
you should be able to have 2 sales of $1.000 in one moth and be in the same place that 20 sales of 100 or 200 sales of 5, because less people buy $1.000 items, thats basic management knowledge when price drops people buy more, so the expensive ones can be on top like the cheap ones, we all want better buyers rather than cheap buyers.

  • I think the search should be ordered by price ascendant and descendant, both from low to hi, and hi to low.


Good for you. Self expression and creativity are great. I just wanted you to know that, in regards to materials to be used in business, the demand out there tends to be for a corporate-branded consultant/designer/etc., especially from companies who want their branding to get them sales. The perception is that corporate = business. I know that’s not accurate and has no bearing on how successful your work can help a buyer become. It’s frustrating.

Branding does play a role in who someone decides to work with and you can be corporate while also creative and fun, if you want to target corporate-minded folks while also retaining your artistic signature. Corporate doesn’t have to mean formal or basic or uncreative.

I can’t see your artwork, but if that isn’t intended for commercial materials, please disregard what I wrote above. I’m only applying that to logo work and other design materials a business would use in their marketing and communications. I know personally that it’s frustrating when you have different gigs for different audiences. Fiverr doesn’t make it easy to market different things that way.


Actually, when I received an email from one of Fiverr’s managers a few months back asking what I think could be improved, I mentioned this. My point was a little bit different, though, but it addresses the same issue.

Apart from these pice filters, I proposed to “rank” buyers the same way as they rank sellers and their gigs. So for example, when a buyer creates an account on Fiverr, a system could ask them an amount of money they feel comfortable spending. For example, those could be intervals “5-100$”, “100-300$”, “300$-500$” etc. Something like that.

I thought it might be helpful to avoid having conflicts of interests. Often, I receive messages from buyers who don’t feel comfortable with my prices, but at the same time, they want me to do the work and keep asking for discounts and comparing my gigs to someone else’s for 10$.

I thought that if buyers would be “ranked” by the amount of money they’re ready to spend, they could only see gigs which would match their expectations of quality/price. And that would lead to a generally better experience and less toxicity in communication.

And based on that, leveling could be changed as well for different groups of sellers depending on how much money they make.

Does it make any sense? :smiley:


I would love that! Great idea.


YES! GREAT IDEA, I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! because clearly the buyers for nice quality services will also want to show they are VIP, I have a few clients outside this site I call them the VIP zone, they are the ones that get my priority when they require even a complex stuff, they know it and love it, and even send me small tips because I have a special line for them, “the faster vip delivery” with benefits, only a few but one of them told me he loves the vip name on the files, we should have something like that on fiver, like VIP clients that are nicer and pay more.



you pointed A good thing . i agree with you


Exactly. I think we all can relate to that. Have you seen that movie with George Clooney called “Up In The Air”? His character was very happy being a privileged client of multiple airlines and got perks for “loyalty”, spending more money etc. It works pretty much the same way with any services :slight_smile:

Even I prefer to spend more money on certain things when I know that I’ll get better quality service for that. And I absolutely don’t have a problem doing that. Quite the opposite, I prefer it this way.

I’m sure on Fiverr there’re buyers who feel the same way and would be glad to have a badge of VIP not for an amount of orders they make but for the amount of money they are ready to spend for services.


yes maam ! i agree ! you nice ideas